How to Choose a Moustache Style to Suit Your Face

How to Choose a Moustache Style to Suit Your Face

When it comes to facial hair, the first thing that comes to every man’s mind is a beard. Beard has become more popular among different age groups of men from the past few years.

However, there is a ratio of men who do not want to accompany their beard style with any mustache style. Instead, they would prefer to have a clean-shaven look or only a beard.

At the same time, some others want to have a perfect combination of beard and mustache style. If you wish to accompany your beard with a mustache or not, the love for classic mustache fashion is evergreen.

When you want to have a mustache, you need to think about the perfect mustache style to go right with your face shape.

A mustache is quite challenging to increase than a beard; if your mustache style is not near perfect, you might need to start it again. Here, in this article, we will discuss how you can grow a mustache according to your face shape.

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How to Grow Moustache?

When you think about How to Grow a Big Mustache? You need to know that growing a thick mustache needs the same amount of effort as growing a thick beard.

Patience is the critical key you need to keep when developing a beard or a mustache. Neither a beard nor mustache will grow out in one day. So, you need to provide sufficient time to grow long and thick facial hair.

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Simultaneously, you need to use beard care products that boost your facial hair growth. Once your mustache starts to succeed, you need to wait for two months and begin following a beard grooming routine.

Once your mustache reaches a length, start using facial scissors for trimming. Along with cutting products, you also need to carry beard balm to style your mustache from time to time. Caring for and maintaining your mustache is necessary to make it appear unique.

Like every beard style is not suitable for every face shape, the same happens with mustache styles. Among different mustache styles, you need to choose the one that can perfectly go according to your face shape. Let’s now discuss different mustache styles for different face shapes.

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Mentioned below are some mustache styles for different face shapes-

● The chevron

Chevron is the most popular and evergreen mustache style. As the name suggests, it is shaped like a chevron. The mustache style is thick and straight, which covers most of the top lips.

The ends of the chevron mustache grow freely till the corners of the mouth. The chevron mustache style is suitable for every face shape.

● The handlebar

The handlebar mustache has made a drastic comeback in the last few years. This mustache style is thick under the nose and is long and narrow towards the end. However, the lots are inwards with a twist.

To do this, you might need to use beard wax or mustache wax. A handlebar mustache typically suits a diamond or triangle’s face shape.

● The pencil-thin style

As the name sounds, this is the lighter mustache style. It looks like a pencil-thin line of facial hair on the upper lip. This style is neat and thin; usually, it is grown a little above the corners of the mouth.

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However, the pencil-thin mustache style is suitable for small face shapes because it is not as overwhelming as other mustache styles.

● The Dallas mustache

The Dallas mustache is similar to the chevron style with the exemption of its corners. In the Dallas style, the mustache is permitted to grow beyond the corners of the mouth.

However, it would be best to trim it regularly with a scissor and comb to get the perfect look. As the Dallas mustache style is very organized, it will best suit round and oval face shapes.

● The walrus style

To grow a walrus mustache, you will need to allow your facial hair to grow out naturally because the style is supposed to look thick and bushy, but deliberately.

The type mostly covers the entire mouth, and you will need to trim it regularly. The walrus mustache is suitable for rectangle and square face shape.

● The horseshoe mustache

As the name suggests, the horseshoe mustache looks like an upside-down horseshoe magnet. A clean-shaven look follows the style. This unique style is recommended for round faces because it draws the eye downward, lengthening the chin.

● The cowboy mustache style

This mustache style needs around three months to grow and get into perfect shape. The type is meant to look a bit unkempt and neglected. It is a long and thick mustache style with a similar form to a handlebar mustache.

The only difference is that the curvy ends are optional in the cowboy style, and the Stache is longer and thicker. The cowboy mustache style is well suitable for triangular and oblong face shapes.

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● The Zappa mustache

The Zappa mustache is excellent for men who want to have a thick and statement mustache. This style appears a trimmed and full mustache grown beyond the corners of the mouth.

A thick soul patch accompanies the Zappa style. This unique mustache style needs to be trimmed regularly and is best suitable for oval, triangular, and diamond face shapes.

● The lampshade

As the name suggests, the style is shaped like a lamp. It is broader and thicker around the nose, which eventually narrows down when it reaches the mouth’s corners. This mustache style is suitable for almost every face shape.

● Natural and scruffy mustache style

Some men do not want to carry a mustache style suitable for their face shape and want to grow a natural mustache. If you are among those men, you need to develop a mustache and trim it whenever necessary naturally. But it would be helpful if you keep it light for a shabby look and accompany it with light stubble.

When you want to have a great mustache that perfectly matches your beard style, you need to consider the kind that can perfectly go with your face shape. How you care for your beard and follow a beard grooming routine, which you need to do with your mustache.

Proper trimming of the mustache and styling it with mustache wax is necessary to make it look amazing. And to follow a mustache care routine, make sure to choose quality products.

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