10 Basic Tools For Beginner Gardeners

10 Basic Tools For Beginner Gardeners

We all love food and many are self-proclaimed foodie. But, many are unaware and uninterested about the source of all those foods. Rice, wheat, vegetables are produced in large areas of agriculture land. Chicken, mutton and beef are obtained from big farms.

Gardening is for people who love outdoors. It is a basic survival skill. Growing vegetables and plants and herbs in your back yard kitchen is a great way of getting close to nature.

A deep connection with growing things is a natural mood booster. Our bodies are designed for hard work and action. And, growing things is one of the oldest professions.    

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 Benefits of Gardening

We are confined in cubicles for most of the days. Working for 9 to 5 jobs, we are becoming technologically obsessed and getting far from nature.

Gardening as a hobby is actually good for health. We have listed some of the benefits:

  • Gardening burns calories, as we have to get into action. Using tools like spade and shovels, we do moderate intensity exercise.
  • Gardening can remove stress as being outdoors doing things can remove all the monkey thoughts causing higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.
  • Gardening improves self-esteem, as working in the field seeing all the plant growing up helps you see life in a positive way.
  • Gardening improves your immune system, as baking in the sun and absorbing vitamin -increases immune system.
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 Looking at all the benefits of gardening. We need tools to work on our gardening projects. Starting with the basic tools, one can move on to other specific tools.

 List of Basic Tools for Gardening

With all the tools used for gardening available online, you can get overboard when purchasing gardening tools. Moreover, purchasing all the tools can overcrowd your store room. Buying the essential vegetable gardening tools within your budget can help you get return out of your investment.

 We have listed the most essential gardening hand tools that can help you to start any gardening project.


 Rakes are used for gathering leaves and weeds form the surface of your garden bed. They

 They are usually made from hard material. The rigid nature also helps break down the soil for leveling and smoothing the garden bed.

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 A shovel is a common tool which is easily recognizable. It is used for digging, removing or mixing the soil with other compost and fertilizers. It is used for heavy duty digging jobs like planting trees. They are made from hard material and it is a must have gardening tools.

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 A garden fork is a multipurpose tool used for digging or loosening the soil. It can be used to aerate lawns, break compact soil, remove stones and soften the tough ground. Its sharp tines can easily penetrate tough ground. Although, it is similar to a spade except that it does not cut through plants roots.

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List of gardening tools is incomplete without a spade. It has a long handle with a flat head. Just like a shovel, it is used for digging, edging beds, transplanting and trenching. It is made from strong materials for sturdiness and rigidity.

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 Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves should be worn for protecting your hand from blisters, sharp objects, minor bites and caustic substances. Moreover, it keeps our hands clean and dry. Gloves should be made with breathable material and it must fit your hands.

As loose gloves will not provide proper grip where as tight gloves will cause sore hands.  There are different range of gloves for different works. And investing in a pair of gloves will help you to carry your work properly.

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Garden hoe is one of the most used garden tools. It is used for digging the soil, cutting weeds and preparing garden beds, cultivating your soil and many other garden tasks. There are different varieties of hoes and if you’re planning for a vegetable garden, a sturdy wider hoe will do the work.

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 Hand trowel

Hand trowels are essential tools for gardening. If you are gardening in containers or garden bed, a hand trowel is a must have tool. It is used for digging out weeds, planting seedlings and transferring soils in pots. You should use a broad blade trowel for moving soil and a narrow blade for digging up weeds.

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 Pruning Shears

Hand pruners also known as secateurs or clippers are very useful tools to have for gardening. It is used for trimming, cutting, shaping plants and removing dead branches.Moreover, it is also used for harvesting herbs, vegetables and fruits. A good pair of pruning shears is a great investment for starting your gardening hobby.

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 Garden Knife

A small knife comes in handy when you are gardening. It can be used for cutting strings and other multiple jobs. A foldable knife can be carried in your pocket.

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 Watering Can

A water can is a portable container with a handle and a funnel. It is used for watering plants with hands. If you don’t have a watering system in your garden, then a watering can will be handy.

There are two types of watering cans, Plastics and metal. Plastics are lighter by they won’t last long. On the other hand a metal watering can should be galvanized to protect it from rusting.

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 These are some of the useful garden tools required for working on your passion. By investing in all these garden maintenance tools, you can keep your garden growing throughout the year.

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