24 Leather accessories for Indian men

24 Leather accessories for Indian men

Leather is a sign of elegance and class. Products made from leather have been used by man for many years. It was used for protection, utility, Fashion and as a tool of luxury.

From the very start of human civilization, animal skin and fur have help humans to survive against harsh weather.
Animal skin and leather were used as a status symbol perhaps as a sign of power and prestige.

Leather use in ancient India

Indians have used leather for many years. The first instance of leather use appears in the holy scriptures of the Vedas. There are documented use of leather materials like sacks bottles, bags and bands.

The use of leather is documented as early as 3000BC The legendary merchant and explorer Marco Polo mentioned the leather industry of Gujarat.

Hides of goats, oxen and buffalos were exported to Middle East countries from India. Moreover, the Famed Silk Route provided trade opportunities.

The northern state of Utter Pradesh produced leather accessories for the Mughals and the elites of the Mughal court. Nowadays, leather accessories are exported all over the place.

How to check genuine leather

Identifying genuine leather is becoming tricky with new technologies used for producing synthetic material.
Goods made from leather are distingusible from their synthetic counter parts in their texture, smell and touch.

Synthetic goods are much cheaper than leather goods; in fact they are branded as leather goods. So, buying a pure leather product requires all of your six senses.

Check for label or mention

Check for tags or label mentioning genuine leather or pure leather or 100% leather.
Most manufacturers who produce real leather are proud of the fact. If it is not mentioned, then chances are they are made from synthetic material.

Check for Imperfection

Real leather is made from animal skin, so it will have scratches, wrinkles and any other imperfections.
You can check out by touching the surfaces. Just like the skin, it will wrinkle on pressing.

On the other hand, synthetic materials will have regular, even and similar grains. They will depress down under your finger when you will press it.

Check the smell

One of the simple ways of identifying real leather is by smelling it. Genuine leather will have natural musty smell like skin. On the other hand synthetic material will smell plastic or some sort of chemical.

Additionally, if you really want to know, than you can burn any extra part that is visible. Real leather will char and smell like burnt hair. In contrast, synthetic material will catch flame and smell like burnt plastic.

Check for visible cues

Real leather has rough edges as they are made from many strands, whereas, faux leather have perfect edges. They don’t have strands as they are cleanly cut by machine.

Likewise, you can also pour few drops of water on the surface. Real leather will absorb the moisture where as in fake leather the water will spill on the surface.

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Check for Price

Real leather products are expensive and they are sold at fixed prices. On the other hand, synthetic material products are sold at dirt prices.

Benefits of using leather

Our ancestors have used leather as fabric for making clothes and accessories. Reason being, Leather is comfortable and long lasting. Moreover, it was used for protecting the human body.

There are many advantages of using leather. These are:


High quality leather is extremely durable. Though, they are expensive, they will last years and still maintain its surface looks.

Always in fashion

Leather is timeless, it is always in fashion. Most probably, you will find a leather product used by your parents in their closet. Leather goods are always in style, and add class to the person who owns it.

It is Natural fabric

Pure leather is made from animal skin. So, it feels comfortable when you wear it. A synthetic fibre, on the other hand makes you feel uncomfortable, if you use it for longer hours.


Leather products last long because of their strength and durability. Leather is a bad conductor of electricity, so it will resist fire. It is also resistant to dry abrasion, dust mites and fungal attacks.

Leather breathes

Since leather products are made from natural fibre. Leather takes care of moisture and dryness. So, it helps when you store some precious thing in leather bags or wallets.


One of the most unique points about pure leather is their flexibility. The more you use leather, the more it becomes flexible and comfortable. The shape and strength of leather doesn’t change with its flexibility.

Bio- degradable

Leather is eco-friendly as it is made from natural fibre.

It smells good

Leather has a certain natural smell to it. And, it blends well with perfumes.

Leather is cheap

Yes, it’s true. If you compare its durability and timelessness. Even if it cost more, it will last longer than synthetic products; In addition, the cost/wear ratio is smaller in leather products.

Leather accessories for Indian men

Understanding the advantages of leather gives us an idea of what products we can use in our lives. Some of the leather accessories that Indian men can own are listed below:

Leather Suspenders

Suspenders are straps worn over the shoulders to hold your trouser pants. Suspenders can be made from fabric or leather.

Leather suspenders are popular with people who love vintage fashion. It can be paired with jeans or any other formal trousers.

It is not that popular among the Indian masses, but it is a practical choice for fashion conscious men.

Leather strap watches

Everyone remembers one of their parents wearing those leather straps watches. The timeless style appeals to people of any ages.

In addition, leather straps bring elegance and style to the whole product. Leather straps are made with different materials and they have different styles.

So, you can choose according to your style. Apart from this, leather straps are great for Indian weather conditions.

Leather wallets

Everyone loves there hard earned money. And you need to store it physically in a money safe to sleep peacefully.
But, sometimes you have to take the money with you for daily expenses.

A wallet made from pure leather can store the hard earned cash and coins in a secure way. Moreover, it will last long than any other fake leather or synthetic fibres. For wallets, leather is the best choice.

Leather boots

Most Indian has at least one pair of sneakers and formal shoes. In contrast, leather boots are considered as some sort of luxury and are considered out of budget.

However, Leather boosts are available in different price range, styles and materials. They can be paired with jeans, chinos etc.

Most motorcycle enthusiasts have at least a pair of leather boots. Leather Boots are strong and sturdy and they are timeless in fashion.

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Leather bags

Leather bags are considered as luxury. It is considered as stylish and they are owned only by the rich.
But, the fact is, leather was the first material that was used for bags.

They were considered as strong, sturdy and durable. If you think for a second, then you will find leather bags as full value for money.

Leather is used for making backpacks, briefcase and messenger bags etc. Leather bags are considered as timeless purchase, so pick the right material and design for your needs.

Leather notepad case

Leather notepad case is unique and trendy. They are usually hand crafted and made with pure leather to look premium and antique.

If you like to journal your day to day activates, a notepad case made from leather is the right choice. In addition, they can give protection from wear and tear. And most probably, they are easily available in online stores.

Leather gloves

Leather gloves are one of the most sought after leather accessories. They are stylish and practical. You may have seen these stylish gloves in some James bond movies.

In addition, to looking classy, they can keep your hands warm during winter. Moreover, they take care of moisture when your hands are sweaty.

Leather jackets

When we talk of leather, the first product that comes in mind is leather jackets. The versatility of leather jackets is that you can wear it casually or formally.

The sturdiness and elegance make it a choice for every man. If you want to buy it for office use or say motorcycle riding, the product is available in every popular retail store.

In addition, you will find the timeless products trending in every online retail store.

Leather document holder

Document holders are made from different materials like plastic. But, most of them are not durable, and they don’t last long.

On the other hand, leather document holders are durable, timeless and they provide extra protection for any documents.

Moreover, they are made from natural material which gives extra protection. Example – they absorb moisture, even if you spill liquids on your document holder.

Leather key chains

Leather key chains are popular among leather enthusiasts. The most common aspect of leather is that it is natural; as a result it is lighter and easy on pocket. Most of bikers and car owners choose leather key chains for aesthetic looks.

Leather bracelets

Leather bracelets are known as men’s jewellery. It looks funky and trendy. Wearing leather bracelets will make you look cool and fashionable.

Leather belts

Leather belts that we know today came into use during the 1920’s. Belts in one form or the other have been in use from the Stone Age. The most practical use of belts is to hold the trouser or anything that you are wearing under your navel.

A classic black or brown adds to your fashion armoury. And matching it with the colour of your shoes adds class and elegance to your personality.

Leather briefcase

Leather briefcases are classic business accessories. If you are travelling for a meeting or the usual office briefing, a leather briefcase adds style and substance to your personality.

Besides, the durable and timeless nature of leather makes it a value for the money.

Leather mobile phone holders

Leather mobile phone holders are modern accessories created by humans. They are useful for protecting your phone from scratches and any other form of harm. You can hang it to your belt or carry separately in hand.

Phone case

Phone cases have become important parts of our lives. It has become common to buy a smartphone with a phone case, as it provides the necessary protection to your phone.

If you make your mind for buying a phone case, go for a leather phone case. It provides cushion from impact as it is made from natural material and it absorbs moisture when you spill some liquids over your phone.

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In addition, it looks stylish and classy.

Spectacle case

Similarly, like leather phone cases. A leather spectacle case is made from natural material. As a result, it gives extra cushion from impact. Moreover, leather spectacle cases look vintage and eye catching.

Laptop cases

If you want to look classy and sophisticated, than leather laptop sleeves /cases are the best for you. It is made from natural material which provides extra protection from external elements. You can get it easily in all online retail stores.

Card holders

If you have a bulky wallet problem due to receipts of old purchases, gift cards, paper notes and ATM cards. The time has come to get a card holder.

A sleek card holder can hold credit cards and ID cards. It can also slide in pockets because it is slim and compact.
If you don’t like taking too much of cash with yourself, a card holder is the answer as it can stash cash.

Knife sheaths

Leather knife sheaths are very useful products for protecting your knives or other small tools. Leather sheaths provide extra protection because of their rugged and durable nature.

Moreover, they protect your knives or tools from rusting by absorbing moisture. A Must have leather accessories for all the adventure lovers.

Razor strop

A Razor Strap or strop is a stripe of leather, canvas or other soft material used to sharpen and polish the blade of a straight razor, knives or any other woodworking tool.

If you are an old school type of guy, a leather strop is perfect for you. A razor strops is one of the must have accessories in your tools box if you are doing some DIY projects.

Leather barrel bag

Barrel bags are different than normal bags as they have cylindrical shape. Mostly seen in gyms, they are stylish and trendy.

Leather barrel bag are popular among biker enthusiast as they are durable and sturdy. It is a must have accessory, if you are looking for something classy and fashionable.

Leather tank bags

If you carry loads of documents and other essential accessories for work, a tank bag will help you. They are mounted on gas tank of motorcycles using straps and magnets.

They provide additional storage without consuming space or freedom of movement. A leather tank bag looks vintage and classy. It adds personality and glamour to your ride.

Leather hats

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, leather hats are perfect for you. They are durable and sturdy enough to withstand any climate.

Cowboy hats are popular hats worn by many people. If you are going for any trekking or jungle safari, a leather hat will add class and style to your personality.

Leather sandals

If you feel uncomfortable wearing shoes all the time, a pair of leather sandals can give you comfort and freedom. Leather sandals can give space to your feet as wearing shoes for long hours can crammed up your toes.

Moreover, they are light weight and odour free. Leather sandals look great with any outfit. Trousers or any other shorts can pair up with leather sandals.

In addition, they are durable and season less. You can wear it any time of the year.

If you want to stand out among your friends and peers, accessories are part of the puzzle. Acquiring some quality leather accessories will make you elegant and resourceful.

The durability and versatility of leather makes it an important part of our everyday lives. Whether, you are using it on a daily basis as office essential or on weekend as bike accessories. Leather products are part of our lives.

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