10 Important Steps to Remove Rust From Table Saw

10 Important Steps to Remove Rust From Table Saw

looking for answers about removing rust from table saw? We show up with 8 interesting steps for professional table saw users.

Your table saw is an important and expensive tool for your woodworking and you are making excellent furniture or projects with wood.

But, you face the worst enemy of your saw that is iron rust. It makes your saw heavy and not eligible to be a long-lasting saw.

At this time, you have to know how to remove rust from table saw, if you want to work properly with your machine.
There are multiple ways to do this job.

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We are sharing with you the easiest and effective steps in our article.

Note, it is impossible to dispel the rust from your saw. It will come back. When the rust will attack your tool you have to remove the rust.

You may use many kinds of saws, chainsaw, jigsaw, miter saw, hack saw, band saw, etc. Every saw surely gets affected by the rust as long as it is not stainless-steel.

The rust is a very nagging thing for wood workers.  The main causes of rusting are :

  • If you Stop working for many days.
  • If water gets into the machine and if it stays for a long time.
  • If you don’t clean your saw after working.
  • When dust accumulates, etc.
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How to remove rust from table saw

To remove the rust, you can follow 8 important and effortless steps.

1. Get all the tools and products for removing rust.

Get PPE, a metal brush, hand gloves, sandpaper, rust remover spray, some pieces of clean cloth, and Navel jelly.

2. Protect yourself from injury.

It is very important to get PPE and hand gloves to remove rust from the woodworking table saw tool. These will protect you from any kind of injury.

When you insert the blade, you can be injured by the sharp blade. This is where the rubber gloves will come in handy as it will give you safety.

In the same way, you can use eye protection glass so that the rust’s dust cannot enter in your eyes.

3. Inspect the rust areas.

Place your table saw wherever you will do cleaning it either be workshop or garage (it will be better if you do this job indoors). Now, you have to insert the saw’s fence, miter gauge, and blade.

Generally, the table saw’s iron table and blade are affected by the rust. If the rust coating is light you can remove the rust with rust remover spray and sandpaper. But, you will need Navel jelly when you realize the rust coat is very heavy.

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4. Spray the coat area.

Get the spray and start spraying into the coat area. Don’t be stingy when spraying. You have to do proper spraying so that the spray liquate can cover the coat perfectly. Now, wait 15-20 minutes for next step.

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5. Start rubbing the affected area.

Next, the time to rub with sandpaper has come. You have to rub very carefully with strength. All the light iron-coat will be cleaned after the rubbing. Besides, you can use a metal brush for rubbing. But, you have to use a metal brush before using the sandpaper.

6. Use Navel Jelly if the rust is heavy.

If there is heavier rust in your table saw power tool then you have to use the Navel jelly as mentioned before.
So, use the pieces of clean cloth and clean the iron table that was made wet by the spray.

Because you will use a jelly in the rust affected area. In fact, you should clean your hand gloves too.

7. Let the iron table get dry.

The Navel jelly is made with Phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is very effective to abolish the iron-coat. It works easily but it needs 1 hour to do the work. Must use hand gloves though.

Now, apply the jelly perfectly to the table and give it one hour time. But, keep the machine in the shade so that the resistance does not wear off.

8. See the results of your work.

Ok… now it is time to relax for an hour after all the hard work you have done. Make a good plan of how you will work with your fresh and clean table saw.

Come and check your saw after your scheduled time. You will see that the Navel jelly has cleaned the rust within an hour. Take away the jelly that has accumulated on the table, I hope there is no rust here!

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9. Set up your table saw again.

Finally, you need to set up your saw again. The blade, miter gauge, and fence will be set in their right place.
Your table saw is good to go after finishing all the steps, you can start this table saw for cutting wood.

10. Make sure it never appears again.

It is very important to stop the rust from coming back again. That’s why you should clean your saw after finishing your work. And, keep a rust remover spray in your house. If you notice that you saw is getting effected by the rust again then you can remove the light iron rust with the spray. And, you should also make sure that all the tools in your work place are free from rust.

Extra tip

The maximum table saw has a dust collector. It is an advantage for a table saw. But, you should clean the dust box too. In fact, the rust can attack the dust box, if the dust collector is made of steel or aluminum.

Besides, the fence and miter gauge are made of metal and they can be attacked by the iron-coat. But, don’t worry… you can clean the dust collector, fence, and miter gauge in the same way.

You should use your table saw very carefully. We have provided you the solution of how to remove rust from the table saw and you are ensured about this. Now, enjoy your work and make your good wood work projects.

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