10 Best Motorcycle Stands in India

10 Best Motorcycle Stands in India

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Everyone loves to ride a motorcycle. You will find a motorcycle in the remotes area of a region. The two wheeler is perfect for both urban and rural terrain.

People own a motorcycle for passion and also for work, its versatility is what’s make it appealing for buyers.
Every motorcycle requires some maintenance so it can give optimal performance. A motorcycle stand is one such equipment, which helps in motorcycle maintenance.

It can be used for cleaning, repairing or storing, a Motorcycle stand is one such equipment that an owner must have in his or garage.

Best Motorcycle Stands in India

We have compiled a list of 10 best Motorcycle stand in India. We have added a short description about the listed products; which will help Motorcycle owners in their buying decision.

Grandpitstop Front Non-Dismantable Paddock Stand

Non-Dismantable Paddock Stand by GrandPitstop can be used for motorcycles through 360 degree rotation. It has double bearing wheels designed for easy lifting of motorcycles with minimum efforts.

It gives stability which is important for cleaning and maintenance. It is made with heavy duty 38 mm steel tubes. It has dual wheel at support leg to provide stability.

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Rubber covered lift fork to support the wheel. It is compatible with all major motorcycles of different brands like, KTM, Bajaj, Honda, Ducati, triumph. It has capacity to hold weight up to 280kg.

MotoMod Paddock

The new and improved paddock stand form MototMod is designed for motorcycles ranging from 1500cc to 600cc. It is made from graded MS tube. It is available in different colors.

It is a sturdy built motorcycle stand which is easy to assemble and store. It can be used for different motorcycle brands like KTM, Yamaha, Honda and Bajaj etc.

Explore PS1 Rear Paddock Stand

PS1 universal model with swing arm rests is designed for all different brands of motorcycles. It has nice design with build quality. It is made up of 2mm pipe gauge and single piece CNC bended steel tubes.

It is designed for double sided swing bikes under 100kg. Perfect for washing and chain lubricating.

Revex Portable Paddock Stand

Revex portable paddock stand can be used for chain cleaning and lubing, as modern motorcycles need to clean and lube every 500km.The paddock stand is sturdy and it is made up of strong metal.

It can be handy for emergency assistance. It is foldable and stored in back compartment of bikes. It can be used for all major motorcycle brands.

Grandpitstop Dismantable Paddock Stand

The dismantable paddock stand can be used for bikes with spools and without it. It is compatible with all major brands of motorcycles. It is dismanatable and adjustable which make it useable with even the widest bikes.

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The plastic pads avoid damage to the paddock stand as well as the ground and the high quality wheels can bear any load of motorcycles. The stand is easy to assemble which makes it an efficient tool.

Moto Trailers Front Paddock stand

Moto trailers front paddock stand is ideal for most motorcycle owners. The front paddock can be used for lifting of front wheel for repair and maintenance.

It is made from heavy duty steel, which gives durability and sturdiness in all conditions. It is equipped with under fork rubber coated adapters which protects forks of bikes.

The extra torsional supports increased rigidity. It is made from 32mm cold rolled steel with 1,6mm thick tubing. The high quality double wheels ensure smooth life and stability under load.

GRoller Paddock Stand Replacement

Grandpitstop’s GRoller is an ideal replacement for a paddock stand. It can be carried along in a ride. The small size and light weight make it easy to carry. It helps you to clean and lube your chain after long journeys.

It weights 1600gm and it can take weight of upto 270kg. It can bear loads of all mid-sized motorcycles.

Gallop KC 1.5 MS Rear Paddock Stand

Gallop rear paddock stand can be used for motorcycles with or without spools. It is dismantable and can be easily stored. It is made from heavy duty steel. It can be used for chain cleaning and lubing.

It can also be used for other maintenance work. Its width is adjustable which allows to fit in with all major models of motorcycles. It can be easily assembled by tightening just two nut bolts.

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The extra torsional supports rigidity of the stand. The double bearing wheels allows for easy lift.

Oxford Rear Paddock Stand

The Oxford rear paddock stand can be used for cleaning and lubing motorcycle chain and other maintenance work. It is designed for swing arm use. It is made using 32 mm steel tube. It had sturdy four chunkey wheels which provide maximum stability.

G A Auto Accessories Motorcycle Paddock Stand

G A Auto rear wheel swing arm stand is made from heavy duty steel for strength and durability. It is ideal for repair, storage and maintenance. It has four wheels for stability.

It is compatible for 200cc to 400cc motorcycles. It is best for home maintenance and workshop repairs.

These are some of the best motorcycle stands that we have found. We would like to know from your side. Which bike stand do you think missed the list.

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