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Mardistas is a indian men’s blog.

It is a blog about normal men. Men who are curious about life.

The famous scene of “Lawrence of Arabia” where PeterO’Toole says “Nothing is written” is true about our lives.

We men are programmed to think linearly. Go to school, get a job, get married and shave money for retirement.

Life is more to that. It is about learning new things . Why certain things work in certain ways.

Inspiring quote from Naval Ravikant

On the meaning of life: “There is no answer. The real answer is ‘because.’ You get to make up your own answer is the beauty. If there was a single answer, we would not be free. We would be trapped…we would all have to live to that answer…luckily there is no answer.”

Mardistas as a blog truly believes that.

The main aim of Mardistas is to help men live fulfilling lives.

You will find resources about lifestyle, fashion, gear, fitness, finance and grooming. There are lots of blogs giving information about grooming, fitness etc. But, you will not find blogs solving real men problems.

Mardistas is trying to fill that gap by creating useful and informative content for men, which will help them to dress better, eat better and be a better Man.

Modern men are forgetting the skills of manliness, where he is better son, a better father, a better husband and a better man.


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