What you know about lumbersexual men?

What you know about lumbersexual men?

Lumbersexual is a new term that has been coined recently. A physically fit man who has adopted style characteristics of a conventional lumberjack, in particular a plain shirt, beard and scruffy hair, as supplement to his generally clean-trim and elegant style choices.
The times of the all prepped metrosexual man may soon be over as the lumbersexual trend is catching up fast, and you can see many people sporting beards with casual attire. A lumbersexual man is basically an urban woodsman. He is muscular, wears costly but casual clothes, has an amazing facial hair that is meticulously unkempt and speaks to a definitive feeling of masculinity.


Who is a lumbersexual?

He could be every one of these things, but on the other hand he’s an expert who looks like a fashionable person in his office clothes and cherishes a decent beer after work with his colleagues. He’s got an inclination for awesome style, great music, voyaging and that kind of outdoor things. they all look like hardcore rugby players, who could win survival missions in a split second, yet few of them would have held an axe in their lives not to mention slash wood or make a flame. To define, lumbersexuals are men with facial hair or say beards with an incredible style quotient.


How to spot a lumbersexual

Try not to mistake the lumbersexual for his ancestor, the lumberjack. Rather than sawing wood, he will probably be sitting at a wood table at the corner coffeehouse, doing something important for his business or clients.  You can see a visionary lost in his mindful thought as he strokes his Trotsky taches, sitting tight for cup of coffee.

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Rise of the lumbersexual

Yesterday’s urban man wore a pair of jeans, maybe a shirt with a narrow tie. He was clean shaved as well as tidy; they were known as metrosexual men. today, the metrosexual men is a vanishing trend being immediately replaced by men more worried with existing in the outside rather than fastidious grooming habits. He resembles a man of the rural areas, though he works at the technology company, programming for a solid pay. His bag contains a MacBook air, yet seems as though it needs to carry a logger’s axe. He is the lumbersexual men.


Being a standout among the crowd

The beard trend (under the name of lumbersexual men) is one good trend in men’s fashion and lifestyle. Wearing a look with rugged jeans, beard, tattoos on arms gives a different personality altogether. The lumbersexual trend is up and running, people are trying everything possible to look manlier with a bit of messy hairdo, beards and having that swag in them.

What does the lumbersexual trend really say about men in today’s society?

Lumbersexual men coined just a year back. It is the most recent incarnation of manliness and it is on a very basic level a bearded fashionable person with a propensity for clothes with crisscross design, tattoos as well as coffee and beer. After those 90s’ boy band looks with kid faces and adorable outfits, it appears like everybody simply needs a change with their style, with more of manliness back in standard. In spite of the fact that the beards and rough looks have been around for more than we can envision, they just turned into a prevailing fashion trend today. though fashion trends comes and goes, a question needs to be asked will you backpedal to clean shaved faces and suits or will you keep the lumbersexual look cause – truth is – it overflows more sexuality and manliness?

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