10 Best motorcycle covers in India

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Motorcycle covers are an essential component required for motorcycle maintenance. It is the most common way of protecting your motorcycle from rain and other climatic conditions.
But, before buying the Best bike covers you have to get the answers to certain questions. That is to say, you have to check the features of the motorcycle cover. Most bike covers are waterproof and provide dust protection.
And, they are mater from 100% polyester waterproof and abrasion-resistant material. Therefore, they are durable against wear and tear. you can also check for mirror pockets that are required to keep the mirror safe.
Similarly, you can check whether they are completely optimized for your motorcycle.
In this article, we will list the 10 best motorcycle covers in India. This simple guide will help you to pick the correct bike cover for your motorcycle.

Autofy Waterproof Bike Cover

Autofy waterproof bike covers can be used for covering most of the big two-wheelers that are available in the Indian market. They are rubber coated inside and are  100 waterproof that gives protection from rain, dust, and UV rays. High-density fabric is used to manufacture the bike cover which protects the paint of the bike. Usually, prolonged exposure to the external environment can cause color fading. In addition, the rich fabric and rubber coating can create padding for any other damage. Elastic straps are provided at the bottom to hold the covers during harsh weather. You can wash the cape or covers when you feel it is dirty. There are no issues with the fabric for wash care. The motorcycle cover comes with A carry bag, which comes in handy when you are moving out as you can pack it in your bag pack.

SHALIMAR Cross Laminated Universal Bike Cover

Shalimar cross-laminated universal bike covers are designed and manufactured to full fill the needs of most motorcycle owners. They are compatible with most of the motorcycles and scooters running on Indian roads. examples are Hero Honda Splendor, Honda CB Shine, Suzuki Access, etc. in fact, they are precisely cut and stitched to cover the whole body of the vehicle. The full covering protects the internal parts as well.  Moreover, 100% waterproof bike covers protect your motorcycle from harsh weather and protect the paint of your bike from harmful elements.  They are manufactured by Shalimar Group, a well-known company for plastic packaging products. They are the leading manufacturer of Bike covers.

Raida RainPro Bike Cover for RE Bullet 350

Raida Store provides bike covers for various brands of motorcycles. Rainpro bike covers for Royal Enfield Bullet 350 are 100% waterproof. The inner lining has a rubber coating that protects your bike from rain and sun. Covers are thick and heavy which helps from slipping and cover the whole body of the motorcycle. They are made from breathable fabric which allows moisture to escape providing a dry interior. In addition, they design bike covers for almost all the models of bikes that are running on Indian roads.

Amazon Brand- Solimo Universal Bike Cover

Solimo Universal bike cover is a brand of Amazon. The cover is made from UUV-resistant material to protect your vehicle from the sun for heat and color fading. Not only that it provides UV protection and dust protection as well as protection from all external elements of nature which can harm your vehicle.  It is suitable for all 125cc bikes like The Honda SP/CB Shine/TVS Raider/Hero Glamour etc. extra effort has been given to design covers by providing mirror pockets on either side to protect the protruding mirrors. The lock system is provided at the edges with a clip clock at the bottom to secure the covers during strong winds, Solimo bike cover comes with an easy storage pouch which comes in handy for storing the cover when not in use.

FCS Heavy-Duty Bike Body Cover

FS heavy-duty all-weather bike covers are made from polyester canvas tarpaulin which is sued for making military-grade tents.  the bike cover is suitable for all weather conditions, It can be used for indoor as well as outdoor storage. Canvas tarpaulin materials are heavy-duty double stitched to enhance life and strength. for these reasons they are durable and provide the necessary protection against rain and sun damage to paint and leather. In fact, the heavy canvas tarpaulin protects from moisture, dirt, dust, and other extreme weather conditions. The above product is suitable for all Royal Enfield motorcycles like Bullet, Electra, Classic, etc.

Rider Shine Waterproof Bike Cover for Bajaj Pulsar

RiderShine waterproof bike cover is compatible with almost all the models of Bajaj Pulsar. They are made from heavy-duty polyester fabric which has a rubber coating for waterproofing. Five-thread interlocking stitching provides finishing and better durability, Bike covers are designed with mirrors in mind and they are compact with the bike models. Overall the bike cover protects your motorcycle from rain, sun, and other natural elements.

Mototrance Universal Bike Cover

Mototrance universal bike cover is designed to give protection from all weather elements. precisely cut and designed to provide full body covering for motorcycles. The bike cover ensures overall protection from sun, dust rain, and other bad weather elements. It has a functional design that perfectly fits the curves and features of a motorbike like the rearview mirrors. A most important use of bike covers is that it acts like a shield from bad weather conditions thereby increasing the longevity of the metal body, paints, and other parts of the motorbikes. and the waterproof material prevents rainwater from seeping into inter-parts of the engines which prevents rusting and corrosion. the universal bike cover is compatible with all major bike models and it comes with a storage bag. A small zippered bag that can neatly store the folded bike cover.

Tuffpaulin BikeWrap- Tarpaulin waterproof universal bike cover

Tauffpaulin Tarpaulin automobile covers are compatible with almost all major motorcycles and scooters. They are waterproof and made from virgin UV-treated extra strong quality plastics (90 GSM). If you are looking for a good motorcycle cover then you can go for these covers. made from tarpaulin material, the covers are sturdy and durable. And they are simple and comfortable in your pocket.

Steelbird waterproof bike cover

A product of Steelbird company, the 100 % waterproof motorcycle is compatible with all standard two-wheeler motorcycles, scooters, and electric scooters. The motorcycle cover is made from premium fabric which protects the vehicle against all weather conditions like rain, wind, and dust. moreover, the premium fabric helps to protect from scratches and color fading due to exposure to sunlight. It comes with mirror pockets plus a safety cover clip lock which can be fastened for protection against strong wind.

Bike Blazer- Semi-Automatic Bike Body cover

Bike Blazer’s universal bike cover is unlike any other general cover, as they come with a hassle-free device for storing the covering material. the mechanical device can be installed easily by following the instruction manual and it only takes a few minutes for installing. An important aspect of good covers is that they are made from premium quality fabric, and in this case, nylon taffeta is used to make the bike blazer covers. It is waterproof, U V protected, and can withstand all weather conditions. . Moreover, the smooth fabric protects your bike from scratches, and sensitive areas like the mirror, tank, and tyres are fully covered against harsh weather conditions. This cover comes with 3 month’s warranty for both the cover and the device. And you can replace any of the two in case you have faulty ones. The rugged mechanical device has reflector tape on the outer casing for security during night rides and the special coating protects the device from rust and other harsh weather conditions. In fact, the mechanical device is easy to handle and installation can be done without the help of mechanics.
These are some of the best motorcycle covers in India. If you like the article, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
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