Basic Skills to Learn Before Moving Out From Home

Basic Skills to Learn Before Moving Out From Home

We have to move out of our homes for one reason or another. Be it studies or job, leaving our parents for the first time make it harder for teenagers and adults to adjust to a new way of life.

For Indians, we don’t have the culture of moving out from our parent’s house. In a way it makes us realize the importance of parents and their guidance.

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As grown-up men, we have to move out for education and job. What we prefer may not be available in our local area. But we have to move out to fulfill your dream.

Be it in a hostel, a paying guest or you are living in rent; you have to learn basic life skills to survive in an otherwise volatile environment.

In this article, we have listed some of the basic practical life skills that are necessary for any adult to learn.

1. Taking Care of Yourself

One of the fundamental skills is taking care of yourself. When you got out and live in an environment that is different from the one that you have lived in.

You need time to adjust to the food habits, sleeping habits, and all other necessary day-to-day works of that place. Because one of the most important adjustments that you have to do is about your food habit.

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Even if you are traveling for a few days, food can be a big concern. For example, I have to move from rice to chapatti and it was a big change. The food provided was not good so I had to eat from outside.

This of course caused dysentery. Eventually, I had to give time to my body to adjust to food that was provided

2. Personal Finance

Second, on the list is personal finance. We are given a certain amount of money monthly for surviving. And learning about personal finance terms like budgeting can help you to save even from the amount of money that you are given.

It can be a hard task for students to manage the money spent by their parents. Living below the means is a basic principle of personal finance and it allows you to learn about money.

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3. Cooking

Third, on the list is cooking. Outside food can harm your health if you consume it daily. So learning how to cook can help you in the long run.

Moreover, you can eat healthy as outside food are not hygienic. And cooking is a basic survival skill that every individual should learn. Besides, it helps in taking care of your grocery supplies. This brings us to budgeting.

4. Budgeting

It is part of personal finance and can be defined as the allocation of money for your monthly needs. Your monthly needs can be grocery, rent, bus fare, etc.

Budgeting helps you to gain control of your money needs, as living outside from home can test your financial knowledge.

5. Organizational Skills

Living in a hostel or living in rent. You have to be organized. At home, your parents took care of daily chores like cleaning, cooking, but moving out you are on your own.

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Staying organized will help you stay stress-free as cluttering can create a big mess. Apart from that, a minimalist lifestyle can help you to organize your finances.

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6. Communication skills

The ability to understand and be understood by others is a life skill in itself. And moving out, you will need your communication skills to adapt to new languages and cultures.

Diligently listening in conversations and effectively conveying your ideas while speaking can help you to blend with the local population.

7. Self-awareness

Self-awareness is about consciously knowing and understanding your character, feelings, desires, and motivation. It is a very important skill to have when you are moving out.

Making decisions require an ideal state of mind and you are on your own. You are without the guidance of your parents when you move out. Moreover, being self-aware can save you from many dangerous situations.

8. Time management

Time management is such an important skill to acquire when you living out from home. You were late at night watching YouTube videos and the next day you were late for your college/work.

In hurry, you missed your daily breakfast. This is a common scene with lots of adults who are living alone. Multiple things will be going at once in your life and the ability to prioritize your work can help you to declutter your life.

Managing a calendar and schedule is a skill in itself. You can write down your daily schedule or use an app for managing your to-do list. This can help you to be productive and stress-free

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9. Develop a Skill

Learn skills in your free time. It can be related to what you are curious about or it may be your passion. Skills that can be monetized can build your confidence, self-esteem and prepare you for your career.

As a teenager, we are programmed to look for jobs after our formal education. All these negative beliefs can derail our growth. Learning any new skills can help you in the long run.

10. Develop Curiosity

A curious mind is an active mind. Being curious can help you to adjust and learn about your new surroundings when you’re moving out. An observant mind can lead you to new ideas, make new friends, and learn a new skill.

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11. Learn the Basics

Human beings are wired to overestimate their knowledge and understanding. But in fact, most people can’t explain the workings of everyday things like a pressure cooker.

Learning the fundamentals can help you understand any complex situation. An example can be a simple repair of an electrical switchboard or understanding a tax receipt.

12 Extra pro tip- learns driving

It’s a personal experience. Learning how to drive or ride can help your earn extra income when you need it. Moreover, it is a life-saving skill in case you ever encounter a medical emergency.

These are some of the basic life skills that can help teenagers and adults to adapt to new surroundings. People who can adapt can survive and thrive in any environment.


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