How to install a kitchen faucet with two handles

How to install a kitchen faucet with two handles

Install a new  kitchen faucet to update the look of your kitchen. The installing system may seem too hard but if you follow all the below steps that we’re going to provide you, then it will be easy.

Also, without hiring a plumber you can install yourself your new kitchen faucet. So, keep reading to learn more about cheapest kitchen faucet and all the types of faucets.

But before installing, make sure that you have bought the right faucet? If you think the new faucet can be expensive for you then you can find out the best cheapest kitchen faucet by searching in the web.

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After checking all the cheapest kitchen faucet hope you’ll pick the right one faucet for your kitchen. Also, identify the right types of faucet between the standard and touchless model and install it in your kitchen.

Before installing the kitchen faucet, your required tools are:
• Adjustable wrench
• Wrench set
• Pipe wrench
• Slip joint pliers
• Hammer
• Tube cutter
• 4-in-1 screwdriver

And required materials are:

• New faucet or old faucet
• P-trap
• 150-grit sandpaper
• Shut-off valves
• Braided stainless steel supply tubes
• Faucet assembly
• Towels
• Cleaner
• Bucket
• Rags
• Flashlight

How to install or replace a kitchen faucet step by step guidelines

Now I will show you how you will be able to install or replace your kitchen faucet. Hope after following all the below steps you’ll be able to install or replace your faucet easily. Also, all the DIY plumbers follow these steps and complete their job successfully.

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Prepare the new faucet

Prepare the new faucet with all the tools and materials. First of all, take a picture of previous installation of your faucet so that you can replace or install it easily looking at the picture. Besides, read the instruction manual page that you got from the new package.

Clean the surface of the kitchen sink

Clean the surface of the kitchen sink and remove the old faucet. Turn off the water supply and using the adjustable wrench loosen and remove the tube nuts that hold the faucet in place.

Also, loosen and remove all the flexible extensions from the faucet. Remove the bolts, unscrew nuts, and everything from under the sink.

Before removing protective materials keep a towel nearby for any water drips or protect small nuts, screw can fall into any holes.

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Install the new kitchen faucet

After removing the old faucet, be ready to install the new kitchen faucet. Grab the new faucet and feed it into the hole at the top of your sink.

Secure the faucet from underneath the sink and place the supply lines into the holes. Attach the cold and hotlines to their valves and using a basin wrench tighten the nuts and screws.

Tighten all the nuts and screws but don’t tighten them too much otherwise, it can be difficult to loosen them later.

Look for a retaining bracket

Look for a retaining bracket and remove it using just your figure. There are no tools for removing the retainer bracket. The retaining bracket is a plastic nut holding with the sprayer base. Then, remove the sprayer and base pin.

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Tighten all the nuts and screws

Once you tighten all the nuts and screws. Make sure that all the pipes and the faucet are securely seated on your sink top.

Installing a kitchen faucet is easy and to summarize it. Collect all required tools and materials for installing the new faucet. Turn off the water valves under the sink and supply lines.

Take a picture of the previous installation to set it according to the previous instructions. Clean up the surface of the sink.

Set the deck place and feed the faucet lines into the holes. After that, install washer and nuts underneath the sink. Then set up the pull-down and attach it to the supply pipe.

Connect the water supply lines using plumbers tape then turn on the water slowly and check all the pipes connected are fitted or not.

Also, check the water supply is working properly or not, and if it doesn’t work recheck the pipes whether the pipes are fitted properly. That’s it; enjoy your new kitchen faucet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I install a new kitchen faucet by myself?

Sure. If you follow all the steps above you can install a faucet easily. You can also check out YouTube videos for DIY instructions.

How much does a new kitchen faucets cost?

It depends on your area and the cheapest may cost you at least $120. If you have budget problems, then there are plenty of high-quality faucets at lower price in the market.

Check all the cheapest kitchen faucets for picking the right one for your kitchen. In fact, you’ll get high-quality models between $158 to $342, which are durable and has sustainability.

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How can I tighten a faucet base if necessary?

Using an adjustable wrench, turning the nuts counterclockwise and holding the base to the sink, you can tighten a faucet base.

Is it really hard to install a kitchen or bathroom faucet?

No. Following all the procedure of installation and with all the required tools, you can easily install a kitchen faucet.

We hope that following all the steps and tips mention in the article, you’ll be able to install a new kitchen faucet. Even if your faucets are single-handled or double-handled, all the processes are the same.

So, if you’ve any further questions on how to install a kitchen faucet, do comment below and let us know about your query. We’ll be glad to help you. Thanks a lot for reading this article.


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