Advantages of knowing Organizational Behavior for managers and leaders

Advantages of knowing Organizational Behavior for managers and leaders

An employee’s behavior and motivation can impact the productivity of an organization. Behavioral management theory is a field that studies the attitudes and actions of a company’s workforce, and how it influences its success.

Companies are spending millions of dollars to study human behavior in organizations as it is directly linked to the success of the company.

In fact, the importance of studying human behavior in an organization has become an integral element in increasing the profitability of the business. It focuses on the link between motivation, productivity, and human behavior in an organization.

Before going deep into organizational behavior; we have to understand what an organization is. Organizations are groups or gatherings whose main purpose is to accomplish a common goal.

The goals may differ from organization to organization. The size, locations, and goals can also vary from one to another.

Even if the company is big or small, the main aim is to achieve a goal. Whenever a person joins a company he has certain goals to achieve. The key to achieving a goal is hard work and grit.

Team effort is the core of any organization. By forming a team or group the goals of a company can be achieved. Without teamwork, nothing can be achieved. Even in sports, teamwork is the key to accomplishment.

What is Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is an academic discipline that deals with the systematic study of human behavior in an organizational environment.

It can simply be summed up as the study of people at work. Organizational behavior is concerned with group dynamics; how an individual performs in a group, and how leadership affects organizational functions.

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The main purpose is to analyze how an organization functions. In other terms, it is also known as organizational behavior management or OBM.

In today’s work culture, it is important to understand the behaviors of workers in companies. Specific departments are constituted for these specific tasks. Understanding the behavior of workers helps in the growth of the company.

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Knowledge of organizational behavior has helped managers and executives better understand their fellow workers and channel their skills and resources to achieve the goals of the organizations.

A meaningful full organizational culture can have a positive impact on an individual’s behavior. Recent research has shown that more stress should be given to organizational development. Which, in turn, will create team spirit and motivate employees to achieve organizational goals.

learning organizational behavior can lead to understanding many areas like the impact of personality on performance, employee motivation, leadership, creating effective teams and groups, the study of different organizational structures, job design, etc.

Advantages of knowing Organizational Behavior

There are many advantages of knowing Organizational Behavior for managers and leaders in any organization. The benefits of organizational behavior are:

  1. Organizational behavior is the systematic study of people and their work within an organization. Understanding the definition itself will be useful for managers and leaders.
  2. It will also be helpful for an individual to understand his behavior itself. It will help organizations better understand their employees, which will help them get their work done proactively.
  3. Organizational behavior helps in managing human resources; it helps in developing a work-related environment in an organization. It helps in creating a motivating atmosphere in any organization.
  4. It helps in predicting the behavior which in turn helps attain effectiveness in an organization. It also helps in functional behavior in any organization like increasing productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, etc.
  5. It also helps in reducing dysfunctional behavior in the workplace like absenteeism, dissatisfaction, and tardiness, etc.
  6. Organizational behavior helps in enhancing managerial skills; it helps in creating leaders. It helps in self-development; which is an integral part of learning organizational behavior.
  7. It also helps in getting a perspective of human values, ethics, etc. Communication in persuasion, coaching mentoring, goal setting, negotiation, and conflict handling creates an effective organizational culture. It also helps managers to develop a team that can achieve organizational goals.
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Organizational behavior is an interesting subject. It helps managers and leaders to understand, describe and modify individual behavior.

Many resources are available on this subject, studying which can be beneficial to managers. Organizational behavior involves the study of attitude, perception, learning, and moral ethics at individual points.

For understanding stress, conflicts, inter-group behavior, and decision-making at the group level various steps have to be taken. As a change of management, creating work ethics, organizational culture, designing and redesigning of jobs.

Various other strategies are required to be implemented by managers and leaders for the effective running of any organization.

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