Top Men’s Blog from India

Top Men’s Blog from India

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”
― Voltaire

There are always times when man needs to ask questions to thy inner self. There are times when you get lost in this complex world. The quest to find meaning in life may drive you to places, find the mentor or guru.

When the whole world moves forward to something trendy, nobody else wants just to sit back and watch them grow. There is always this race for the top position.

Living in the generation of fashion, health, gadgets, economy and intelligence, one cannot bear the reality of being a slow learner or being simply lazy enough to do some work for their own profits.

People start searching for a better yet trending lifestyle to follow. And by the word ‘people’, we generally consider women for things like fashion, health, and stuff.

But the truth has been spoken by many, men need resources too. Though it is fashion or health, gadgets, of course, business ideas and strategies all one can think of.

There are, to be honest, a lot of blogs and websites generated towards helping men to get better in their lives, be a much healthier person, use fashion trend smartly, going through all those new gadgets in the market and so on.

India hosted one of the earliest civilizations. The idea of living together as a society started with these earliest civilizations. Mutual understanding and dependency became tools for exchanging ideas.

Indian civilization contributed in many new inventions, new cultures, new ideas, lifestyle and philosophies. Many modern cultures and ideas still owe to ancient Indian civilization.

Many of this ancient wisdom, culture, philosophy and spiritual tradition were passed through generation.

There are plenty of Indian websites and blogs producing excellent stuff on many field. We have compiled a list of all the resources any man wants.

We have categorized all the resources into different sections.

Spiritualism  – meditation, morality and ethics.

Lifestyle – manliness, self-improvement, home improvement, DIYs, personal and professional growth and culinary skills, career etc.

Fashion – clothes, style, tailored suit etc.

Gear – gadgets, cars, technology, science and motorcycles etc.

Fitness – eating, gym, sports, losing weight, gaining muscle and sexual health etc.

Finance – saving money, Investing, making money and financial freedom.

Grooming – shaving, skin care, personal hygiene and image management etc.

Categorization is done to give a proper definition to blogs and websites. Most of websites mentioned are blogs, forum and magazines.

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Indian men were quite selective to their sense of fashion. As such, they tend to choose and wear clothes mainly as suggested by their friends or family or whatever they could find on their shelves. But time has probably changed a lot since then.

Now fashion to them is like a graduation for their sense of styling. Dressing for special occasions, dressing for a job interview, dressing for a hangout, dressing like a professional, and wearing clothes that give them a perfect fit has become a regular work for them.

Some of the popular Indian men fashion blogs that one must follow are-

  • Blueberry Blackout– This blog was started and now managed by Tejeshwar Sandhoo, an Indian guy with a very good taste of fashion for every occasion. He is a menswear blogger based in Delhi and started this blog in 2014. While going through this blog, one can easily make up an idea of how this blog got famous. It has clothing suggestions for every occasion from parties to festivals, gym, casual, summer, winter and what not. It has daily tips for its readers and affordable clothing options. This blog has pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Stranger In Suede – Stranger In Suede is blog started by Uday Shanker. A complete lifestyle fashion blog for people who are searching about style and fashion guides. Uday is based in Delhi, India. He blogs about grooming, style guides and other musings.
  • Urban Eye– This is not just a fashion blog, but much more than that. Urban Eye by Riaan J. George is a one of a kind blog for fashion, luxury, style, travel, gourmet to name a few. It has different sections for all these items. He is a blogger from Mumbai and his blog is literally taking Indian men by a fashion storm.
  • Bowties and Bones – Bowties and Bones was started by Allen Claudius. It is a blog about fashion, style, sneakers, street wear. Allen is based in Mumbai, India. He has collaborated with many leading magazines and fashion houses.
  • He Is Got The Style -This very blog is India’s leading men’s fashion and lifestyle blog. It all started in 2014 by Sarang Patil. He himself is a fashion influencer, creative consultant, and a model. So his introduction says quite a lot about the blog itself. There is absolutely no doubt in order to follow this blog. This blog has two sections, namely menswear, and lifestyle. It has ideas for all fashion trends. Shoes, coats, color combinations and even bags. It’s a smart blog.
  • The Dapper Label – The Dapper Label was started by Usaamah Siddique. The blogs has resources about menswear, lifestyle and grooming. He started the blog in 2013.
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Urbanization has changed lifestyle of Indian men. Many of them are busy with their 9 to 5 lifestyle, without giving the necessary attention to their bodies.

Men often eat just to fill their stomach, no matter what they have on their plates. But since eating the right food, working out, flexing muscles, losing some weight, getting some much needed help and obviously a having a good sexual health is a necessity now.

  • Riyazsheena – This blog is maintained by Dr. Riyaz, who is a doctor diabetologist and a blogger. He is a keen writer and writes mainly about the breakthroughs and medicines for the cure of diabetes. He is from Chennai. This blog has many articles on diabetes and deep study reports that can shake a mind and force to stay away from this disease.
  •  Fitnut – This blog is a life saver. It is one of the most followed fitness blogs in India. Maintained by Vinayak Dougall, Kabir Uppal, and Rakesh Chowdhary, this blog has an urge to make fitness and nutrition accessible to common people. This blog gives well-researched articles on fitness, nutrition, and wellness from new technologies, Ayurveda and gives full workout videos as well.


Men love technology, cars, motorcycles and business. And there are blogs that are focused on fulfilling the need of this in the lives.

  • – This blog started in 2007 by Arun Prabhudesai, who is an IT professional since 1996.It gives the latest Indian business and start-up buzz and a bit of IT. This blog gives you everything from social media, e-commerce, the internet, gadget, technology, business, telecom, advertisements, and the list is not going to end.
  • Labnol – Founded by Amit Agarwal, this blog is way too amazing.  This blog is full of all the technology, gadget related development. Digital inspiration is one of the most widely-read techs and how-to blog; it also has a number of tutorials.
  • Motoroids – Motoroids is an online news portal for latest automobile news. One can find reviews and news about new product launches.
  • AutoX – AutoX is one of the leading automotive publication and online portal for automotive junkies. Find resources about anything related to gear.


People always feel void when they don’t have control over their lives. Time management, self-improvement, DIYs all this knowledge can add vigor and passion in your lifestyle. Check these amazing resources.

  • MensXP – MensXP is one of India’s leading lifestyle magazine. You can find resources about fashion, dating, gadgets, self-improvement etc.
  • Finely Chopped – Indian men love cooking but have a fear to attempt it. No more worries, Finely Chopped is a blog maintained by Kalyan Karmakar from Mumbai, who believes cooking is a great way to show affection and Indian men must follow this. Follow the recipes on this blog, and one can become a self-made chef in no time.
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The inner dimension of life, Spiritualism! Can help anyone discover hidden attributes of one selves. The land of gurus has enough resources to guide you to your path to enlightenment. Follow these amazing blogs.

  • Shadow Dancing With Mind – Shadow Dancing With Mind is a blog about spirituality, thoughts and self-improvement. It was started by Shashidhar Sharma. Though he is involved in real estate and infrastructure business, he writes about design, creativity and blissful living.


Idealism can’t pay your bills, a hard truth. There are plenty blogs about investment, share market, stocks and taxes. There are amazing blogs sharing financial tips on mutual fund investments, stock markets etc.

  • ShoutMeLoud – An amazing blog for the techies and business world. Harsh Agarwal is the founder of this blog. He is an engineer by education and blogger by profession. Started in 2008, this blog gives basic and advanced money making techniques, online marketing tips, and tips about start-ups and business. Mainly about how to make blogs and how to earn money from it.
  • Safal Niveshak – Safal Niveshak was started by Vishal Khandelwal. He is an investor, entrepreneur and writer. He started this blog to help small investors become more intelligent investors.
  • BasuNivesh – BasuNivesh was started by Basavaraj Tonagatti. He is a Certified Financial Planner. He started this blog with an aim to educate individuals about financial planning.


Everyone has this idea about grooming as dressing nicely, wearing expensive watches etc. But in reality, grooming is all about personal hygiene like Shaving, skin care and everything that will make you neat and clean. Check these amazing resources.


These are amazing blogs which doesn’t belong to any category; but they offer interesting resources which can add value to our lives.

  • Cartoonistsatish – One of the most fun things on the internet is to have fun. And there is a blog named Cartoonistsatish, whenever a person feels bummed or tired and want to relax, this blog is perfect. The founder, Satish has done MBA but opted cartooning to make people laugh. This blog is famous for his all-round cartoon-ism.

These are some of the Indian blogs which are popular in their respective niches. This list is not a complete list. We welcome any updates from readers.
Let us know if we have missed some blogs.

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