Clothing Tips for Short Indian Men

Clothing Tips for Short Indian Men

Height is an issue for guys irrespective of race or religion. And, it is a confidence issue that you can take care of. For a fact, a pair of clothes can make you appearance bigger and taller.

Most Indian men, due to evolution, are shorter in height as compared to other nationalities. It’s just a genetic thing and you should love the way you are.

So, Indian guys, you have no control over your height. Instead, you have to look at other factors that can make you taller and leaner.

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Clothing for short Indian men

From millennia clothes have enhanced our overall looks and appearance; making us confident, taller and stronger. It’s true that clothes either work for you or against you.

And for Indian men, we have to look at our traditional clothing too, as they are more colorful and complicated. A simple kurta and pajama that is not proportionate to our height can make us broader and shorter.

In this article, you will find clothing tips for short Indian men. Practical tips! Which can enhance your overall look and appearance?

Get fit

Lets be honest, clothes looks good on people who are fit. By fit, we don’t mean the gym guys. The definition of fit is having a body mass proportionate to the height. 34 inch size jeans will look oversized for 5.6 inch guy.

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If you alter the length, the jeans will look like a ¾ pant. Most of us dream of having toned abs and biceps. And, it is a good thing. But, again you have to think twice before bulking up.

Lean body proportionate to your height will make you taller. Usually, apparels look great on leaner body. Getting fit applies to traditional clothes too. Imagine a sherwani on a broader guy with short height. It will decrease his height.

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Avoid loose fitting clothes

Short height men should avoid loose fitting clothes. It’s simple as that. Wearing loose fitting cloths will not show your body proportion.

The upper body will appear longer if you wear loose fitting shirts, making your legs shorter. Loose fitting pants on the other hand will stack up on top of shoes. Short men look best in closer fitting apparels.

Go for custom fitted ethnic wear

If you’re Indian, weddings and religious festivals are part of our lives. And, for shorter Indian guys, buying ethnic wear is a big headache.

Readymade clothes are not designed with short guys in mind. So, always go for customized design or visit a good tailor. Here are some tips for buying traditional clothes that fit your body type.

Go for short kurtas that are fitting. And you can choose waistcoat instead of sherwanis in wedding or festivals. Additionally, you can customize your suits that fit your body type.


Avoid oversized details

Most of the cloths are mass produced. And most of the time small details like pocket, collar, placket etc. are oversized for smaller men.

So, it’s better to buy clothes from stores that have clothing especially made for shorter height men. And it is true for Indian men as we have been blessed on the thicker side with respect to frame.

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Wear low contrast outfits

We Indian men like wearing high contras clothes e.g. – white t-shirt and black jeans. But the problems are that high contrast clothes make our frame smaller.

So, in order to avoid that we should opt for monochromatic clothes or low contrast clothing. Low contrast outfit will elongate the visual appearance.

Monochromatic means shades of same color. If you are wearing a light colored shirt then go for pants which are shades of same color.

Choose small scale patterns

First we have to understand what small scale pattern is. Simply said, small scale pattern are patterns that are smaller in size and may appear like a plain cloth from a distance. Whereas large scale patterns are bigger in size and you can make it out from a distance.

Avoid looking shorter by choosing small scale pattern as large scale will look too big on shorter man, thereby reducing the frame of the person. It doesn’t matter if the stripes are vertical or horizontal as long as they are thin stripes.

Wear proportionate accessories

Wearing accessories proportionate to your height and size are simple tricks which can make you appear taller. If you have a small wrist, then wear smaller watches as bigger watches will make your hand appear thinner. Accessories can be ties, watches, belt, glasses etc. they must appear in sync with your body structure.

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Avoid bulky outerwear

It is no brainier that any bulky outer wear will make your stature small and broad. Winter jacket are especially true as they are insulated using materials like synthetic fibers that are bulky and stuffed.

Sure, they are made to provide warmth and protection from icy cold winter, but they oversized your body. You can get lightweight puffer jacket. Quilted jacket which are slimmed down and make sure the quilted design are small in section.

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Wear shoes that make you taller (occasionally)

This is one are area where you should be be careful. Wearing height boosting shoes can make or break your overall look. Moreover, they can easily be recognized if they are not of good quality.

Frankly, speaking elevator or lift shoes are not comfortable at all. And they say “This guy is not comfortable with his height. “ To counter that, go for shoes with thicker soles and heels.

You can choose boots which will boost your stature by 1-2 “inches. Likewise, you can check for sneakers with thicker soles and higher heels that will boost your height. Again, don’t overdo it.


Work on your posture

Standing straight with the shoulders slightly back exudes confidence. And, a short guy can enhance his appearance with sheer confidence.

But bad posture can kill that positive belief. For that reason one should work on his posture. You can stand straight with fully stretched shoulders.

Make sure your shoulders are slightly back. Take few deep breathe, you will feel nice. And if you find it hard, stand against a wall. Humans where wired to stand straight and be agile.

A correct posture will increase your height which will help you to get fitting clothes that drape naturally.

These are some simple clothing tips, which can make you appear taller and slimmer. Indian men can use these rules for choosing clothes in traditional settings. Ultimately, persona and charisma doesn’t depend on height.

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