10 Most Popular Shoe Brands in The World

10 Most Popular Shoe Brands in The World

I’m not talking about Salvatore Feragamo, Bucheri, or Manolo Blahnik. They’re not commonly worn by people in large. I’m talking about casual shoes, the ones we usually wear at work, school, for jogging, and running.

They’re durable and at the same time, earthy and maybe a bit expensive. But don’t worry. They’re expensive in reasonable way. They can be your investment because usually we don’t need to buy another pair of shoes in three years ahead when we have them. Let’s check them out.


I’ve got Reebok in my number-one list. Their durability is undoubtedly awesome. In addition, Reebok shoes have wide range of designs you can choose. They usually come with slim and light design, make your feet comfortable to run and walk miles away.

Image: Pixabay

Reebok’s price is of course expensive, but we can rely on the quality. You get what you pay, right? However, not many people I know choose Reebok. I don’t know why. Reebok always offer unisex design, available for both males and females.

Reebok shoes are also never out of dated. I mean, their models seem fit with every era and outfit I wear. I can pair them with shirts and casual jeans. Another time I wear my work outfit (plain shirt and a pair of trousers) with Reebok to complete my looks.

Reebok sprint shoes are great too. They are so light that makes your running experience more comfortable.


Almost every person in the world would point to Converse when it comes to sneakers. Including me. Yes, the image of sneaker legend is so attachable to converse.

I have three pairs of converse I bought about two years ago and they’re durable. The best of converse is they’re match for almost all casual looks. You can even wear them for work too.

Image: Pixabay

My favorite is the terracotta denim converse topped with polo or t-shirts and skinny jeans or cargo pants.
Sneakers are very comfortable to use, even if their color is faded. But that’s the art of converse.

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The more faded your converse are, the more epic your looks. Their sole is durable and anti-slip so you don’t need to be worried when walking on the slippery floor.


Who the hell in this universe don’t know Nike? It’s like the brand of all peoples, like Nokia in cellphone world in the past. Nike is known for its sporty yet soft looks. You can imagine it, or you have some pairs of Nike perhaps?

Nike rarely comes in dark or grey shades. They usually promote more eclectic color combination, but at the same time they match with any outfit.

Image: Pixabay

I have a pair of navy Nike, because I’m not that into bright colors. But I have one friend who always buys Nike. Despite of the fact that he’s a Manchunian, he loves light colors. I loved his classic Nike but unfortunately he didn’t want to sell it.

Well, Nike’s shoes is durable and comfortable especially for jogging. Like Reebok, they’re light enough for feet. Nike seems to launch new designs, like, every second. That’s why they’re quite popular among youngsters.


I once bought a pair of Adidas, but my brother took them. Well, he actually purchased. I just wore it once at my first day of college. It’s quite comfortable and durable. My brother loves them he wore them every day for about three years. Then he brought another pair of Adidas again.

Image: Pixabay

Well, Adidas is great for running and playing futsal. Most of my futsal mates wear Adidas. Make sure you buy the original ones because there are many replicated Adidas at the market, just like Nike. To get the original ones you can go straight to its Factory Outlets or official sport shops.

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Adidas is also good for hang out. Their designs are not limited for sports. People whose works spent mostly at the field, not behind the desks usually choose Adidas for work. Some of their shoes are water resistant.


These light, durable shoes are for sport lovers or sporty style lovers. I have Jordan lifestyle shoes and usually wear it at special events like marathon events or training. Another thing I love from Jordan is their basic color use. They can match colors without getting too shiny.

Image: Pixabay

Some say Jordan is good for basketball. Yeah, they often come with ankle-high models. Despite of their expensive price, they are worth to have.


I have two pairs of slip-on Vans and they’re really comfortable. They have stylish design and match with almost any casual outfit. You can wear them with semi-formal outfits as well. But you should choose khaki shades for the best looks.

Image: Pixabay

My friend has galaxy print Vans and he loves them. He has plenty of Vans in his closet. Like any other quality shoes, Vans are durable, easy to care, and the price is not as expensive as Jordan, for instance.


Talking about puma, it’s one of the best shoe brands in the world. But one thing I don’t like about Puma is the design which seems too much although some are available in simpler model.

Image: pixabay

Puma is expensive, but you can count on its durability and strength. I once bought Puma sneakers and they felt comfortable and light for my feet. One thing I like about Puma is about its good colorfastness. I mean, the color is not easily faded even though I washed them several times.

Under Armour

I have no collection of Under Armour shoes but my friend who like basketball love them. They usually come with big-size design so it may be hard for people with small feet to find a perfect pair of Under Armour shoes.
What else? I think Under Armour is not so good in design but it can be an alternative for their less expensive price. Another reason is that Under Armour is not as durable as Adidas or Reebok or Nike.

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Image: Under Armour

The North Face

TNF is well-known for hiking shoes. However, they are currently available in running and casual style. I have a pair for The North Face shoes and they’re quite comfortable. One plus thing is that they’re usually waterproof.

I wear them when raining. TNF is also great for the field-workers. Despite of their very expensive price, TNF is great in durability, both the strength and colorfastness.

Image:The North Face

The North Face’s colors are unique. I once saw a high-visibility yellow TNF with orange strips yet the color looks calm. I wanted to buy them, but there’s no size available for me.

New Balance

I recently bought a pair of New Balance shoes. I love their calf-skin looks which give strong accent. They’re surprisingly light. I wear them sometimes as a substitute of my Reebok.

New Balance also fits for female. My female cousins have New Balance collections and wear them for traveling.
New Balance is light and durable. The shoes are perfect both for running and casual wear.

Image: Pixabay

Tips: It is recommended to top New Balance with skinny pants or jeans because most of New Balance designs are ankle-high. Casual T-shirts or blazer in red or blue shades can make you look more stylish.

That’s all my recommendation of the best shoe brands in the world. Make sure you purchase the original ones because they’ll be useful assets. Happy shopping!**

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