Top 3 Ways Men Can Style their Hair in 2016

Top 3 Ways Men Can Style their Hair in 2016

Trendy hairstyles for men in 2016 are already shaping up with majority of them being seen on major runways around the world. The collections already showcased have revealed new hairstyles as well as the re-definition of some that have been spotted by men over time. If you want to try out one of these hairstyle trends then you are lucky because they can be easily be copied by a professional barber. However, to maintain the trendy hairstyle after leaving the barber shop, it is advisable to buy and use quality hair products sold in many stores both online and offline. It does not matter your hair type, it is likely that you will be able to have one of these fashionable looks in the coming year.

Even so, there are men’s hairstyles that are already becoming a favorite for 2016 and they are:

Pompadours Hairstyle

Although the pompadour has been in existence since Elvis Presley, the hairstyle is a favorite of 2016 albeit with a modern twist. Since men with a variety of hairstyles can adopt the hairstyle, you are likely to see a revived version of the pompadour on both young and older men. One of the hottest versions of the hairstyle is where the sides of the hair are kept short depending on the man’s preference. The shorter sides are often referred to as a fade, which usually complement this particular hairstyle very well. However, if you are going for a much edgier look, then the hair on the sides can be a bit longer.

Pompadours Hairstyle_mardistas

Men with curly hair can also achieve this trendy 2016 hairstyle especially since the hair at the top will have a lot of volume. Even so, cutting curlier hair into a pompadour needs to be done by a professional so that the final look is satisfactory and stylish. On the other hand, a pompadour hairstyle that is swept aside is ideal for men with straight hair and a favorite 2016trend for many men.

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Maintenance of the pompadour hairstyle is relatively easy especially if you have the correct and quality products such as hair gel, pomade or mousse depending on the version that you have selected. Also, regular visits to the barber to trim the sides for those that have incorporated a fade is also advisable for this particular hair trend.

Slick back Hairstyle

This hairstyle was popular in the fifties and is now making a comeback if the runway looks so far have anything to do with it. If you are looking for a simple yet trendy hairstyle for 2016, then the fifties slick should be your number one choice. Most times, shorter hair is the best length for the slick back style as it makes it much easier to maintain. It is pretty simple to maintain, as you only require hair gel or even mousse to achieve the slicked back look while also adding some shine.

Slick back Hairstyle_mardistas

Even so, you can personalize the slick back look in two different ways, which include combing through it to introduce some texture or parting the hair for a more edgy look. To achieve either of these versions, you can carry a photo of the hairstyle to help your barber replicate the exact hairstyle as you wish but remember to make it your own style as well.

Fringe Hairstyle

For 2016, the fringe has been given a modern twist so that it complements most of the men’s outfits available in various stores. The hairstyle is ideal for men with either long or straight hair as they are able to play around with various versions of the fringe look. In some cases, this hairstyle can be made to look refined by blow-drying the fringe or it can be made quite modern by adding some texture. This particular version is closer to the original fringe hairstyle seen over time.

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Fringe Hairstyle_mardistas

Also, the introduction of a comb over fade makes the fringe hairstyle quite trendy and can be adopted by both younger and older men. To maintain the hairstyle so that it always looks good, use pomade or even hair mousse to keep the hair in place when adapting this look. When visiting a barber for this hairstyle, remember to specific the version that you would prefer so that after he does the styling you will be satisfied with the new look.

Overall, styling your hair for 2016 has been made much easier with these three hairstyles that can complement any occasion, whether formal or informal. Many professional barbers that are familiar with the changing hairstyle trends will be able to replicate them easily ensuring that your look is always the best. However, you can still explore other hairstyle trends for men in 2016 besides these ones until you find one that matches your personal style and overall lifestyle.

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