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A Beginner’s Guide to CrossFit Exercise

Credit: Pixabay

You must have heard a lot of people talking about CrossFit. Ever since it become a hit with fitness enthusiast as a new form of fitness regimen, more and more people have joined CrossFit. CrossFit jargons such as “box” and “WOD” sound too familiar to your ear. Are you curious about the program as well? Are

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6 Commonly Cancers found in Men

Image Source: Pixabay

Cancer is called the number one silent killer. The name is not without a reason. Every year, cancer kills approximately 7.6 million people. That’s about 20.000 deaths a day. Cancer has many categories, and the most common cancer is different according to gender, race and age. According to U.S. Cancer Statistics from US Department of Health

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Some Awesome Facts About Running


Running is a universal activity that cuts across every human distinction. Almost everyone knows when to run. Thumping the feet against the ground or treadmill, one after the other, is a simple process that’s packed full of many benefits to your body. There are many reasons people run. Whatever your own reason is, you can rejoice

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Top Men’s Blog from India

Image: Pixabay

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” ― Voltaire There are always times when man needs to ask questions to thy inner self. There are times when you get lost in this complex world. The quest to find meaning in life may drive you to

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How to Choose Hand Gloves for Motorcycle Riding

Image: Pixabay

Riding motorcycle is fun, but there are lots of factors that can spoil the fun. One of them is inappropriate riding gears, which will make you less comfortable on the motorcycle and therefore make you unable to fully enjoy the ride. To avoid such problem, pay attention to detail, not only to your motorcycle, but to

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Beginners Guide to Investing with Little Money

Image: Pixabay

Everybody has a wish for their future self, and I bet you have as well. Maybe you want to go traveling abroad for a year. Maybe you want to open a shop or a restaurant. Maybe you just want to have a peaceful retired life without having to worry about your finances. No matter what it

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