10 Best motorcycle Side Boxes in India

10 Best motorcycle Side Boxes in India

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Do you need a storage area for your motorcycle? side boxes also know known as bike dikkis are the solution for the problem. Motorcycles don’t have inbuilt storage areas like scooters.

It is one of the major drawbacks about motorcycles. In Indian conditions, people need storage areas for at least storing their document like driving license, registration certificate and insurance papers etc.

There are many external accessories to solve the storage problem; Top boxes, tank saddle and saddle baggage are the many options that can solve the storage problem. However, side boxes or dikkis are the best and the most common solution for this problem.

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What is a motorcycle side box ?

Motorcycle side boxes  are storage boxes attached to rear end of your motorcycle for storing essentials like tools kits, first aid box, license, motorcycle documents and insurance papers. They can be attached to either side of the back wheel. Side boxes are also known as bike dikkis in India

Why you need side boxes for motorcycles ?

We have listed some of the problems which can be solved with Motorcycle side boxes:

1. You don’t have to carry backpacks on your solders for storing documents. You can ride freely without any carrier bags.

2. It comes handy during rainy seasons; as they are waterproofed for protection from rain and mud.

3. You can choose right size side boxes if you are frequent traveler. Because, you will need more space to store food, drinks and other essentials while travelling long distances.

4. They are very important accessories for motorcycles as most of them don’t have internal storage areas like scooters.

Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Side Boxes/Bike Bikkis


1. They can replace your backpack. Carrying backpacks for prolong hours can cause back pain and stiffness. A bike dikki can solve that problem.

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2. Most motorcycle side boxes are waterproof. They can protect your documents and other essentials from rain and other bad weather conditions.

3. Some motorcycle side boxes come with locks. So, they can provide extra protection.


1. Motorcycle side boxes can reduce the comfortably level of pillion riders.

2. Bike dikki can decrease the overall aesthetics of the motorcycles.

How to choose Motorcycle Side boxes or Bike Dikkis

Before buying any motorcycle side boxes, you have to do some research and check reviews of products which you find interesting. In addition, you have to check certain parameters before purchasing motorcycle side boxes.

We have listed the following factors which will guide you to get the best motorcycle side boxes or bike dikkis:

1. Space: Storage area must be an important factor for choosing a motorcycle side box. If you are buying a side box for daily purpose and needs, then you can go for small and medium side boxes.

But, if you are a frequent traveler and you go to road trips in the weekends then you can go for large size motorcycle boxes.

2. Water proof: Motorcycle side boxes that are 100% waterproof should be used for carrying useful documents and essentials. Waterproof bike dikkis protect your essentials form rain and other weather conditions.

Some dikkis might be made from some other material. Make sure they are 100% waterproofed.

3. Style: Motorcycle side boxes can either increase or decrease the looks of your motorcycle. Make sure you choose side boxes that will suit your motorcycles aesthetics.

3. Installation: Make sure, the product is easily installable with the help of most common tools.

4. Payload: You should always check for payload capacity. The carrying capacity of the motorcycle side boxes.

5. Sturdiness: Motorcycle side boxes should be made from sturdy material. Side boxes made from tough material will stand the daily wear and tear. Besides bearing the harsh weather conditions.

10 Best motorcycle side boxes in India

We have listed the 10 best motorcycle side boxes. You can further check for reviews and product descriptions for making you choice.

AUTOVEA Bike Side Luggage Box Black for Yamaha FZ-S

Manufactured by Autovea, It is a must have product for bikers. Durable and sturdy, side boxes are made from injection moulded FRP plastics (fibre re-reinforced plastics).

In addition, they are water proofed to protect your essentials from all-weather conditions. The double looking feature helps you to secure your documents and other essentials even if you have parked your bike outside.

It has a new modern design unlike old traditional bags or boxes which will add to the looks of your motorcycles. Side box dimensions are 25x15x10 cm with a weight of 499 grams.

It is easy to install with just few metal plates and screws. And they are compatible with all motorcycles.

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STUDDS Explorer (Black)

Manufactured by STUDDS Accessories Limited, the side boxes are made from injection moulded plastics. They are durable and stylish. This awesome product is mostly liked by Royal Enfield customers.

Overall, the products have good customer ratings. Side boxes are fitted with six lever tamper proof locking system which will protect and secure your essentials.

It has space/volume capacity of 10.5 litres and payload capacity of 4.5 kilogram. One reason why they are popular is because they can be easily installed with universal fitment and clamps.

Steelbird SB-510 Universal (for All Bikes) Luggage Side Box (Red & Black) with Fitment Clamps

Manufactured by Steelbird HI-tech India Ltd. The side box has elegant design which will add style to overall bike design. They are made from injection moulded plastics with product dimension 38.5x36x18 cm.

Weight is almost 985 grams with volumetric capacity of 10 litres. Products are waterproof to protect your essential from rain and other weather conditions.

Extra care has been taken for security as they are provided with tamper proof locking system. Moreover, the slick design will add glamor and sophistication to you motorcycle. In addition, they are bike pillion friendly.

Bike S.S Side Box or Bike Metal Luggage Box

Generic S.S side boxes are made from stainless steel. They have a product dimension of 10x10x10 cm with a weight of 200 grams. Since, the product have simple design, installation is easy.

In addition, products are provided with look and keys, which is common with new generation side boxes. In case, you are worrying about the product being water resistant; don’t worry the stainless steel boxes are water resistant.

So, if you don’t like plastic material then you can go for this product.

Generic S K Enterprises Super Side Box-01 Bike Luggage Box (Black) (WS-RC0227)

Generic SK Enterprises super side box is made from injection moulded plastics, they are simple, compatible and easy to install. Hard plastics used for making the side box make it sturdy and reliable for harsh environment.

Products have a dimension of 10x10x10 cm with a weight of 200gms. Installation is easy as they are provided with metal plates and screws. However, product fitment may vary with different motorcycles.

UMA MS Bike Metal Luggage Carrier, Two Wheeler Luggage Box, Large Premium MS Bike Side Box (12 * 11 Universal Size)

Generic Side box manufactured by UMA are Large and spacious looking side boxes. They a are easily installable with special fitting clamps. If you are looking for simple design for your bike, you can go with this product.

In addition, they are also provided with special locks and clamps for installation. Product dimension are 12×11 cm. M S bike side boxes have special fitting for CD deluxe, dawn and discover. Overall, the quality is good for minimum price.

CARIZO Bike Side Luggage Box Black for All Indian Bikes | Motorcycles | Royal Enfield Bullets

Carizo side box is manufactured by Cynor India. They are built with good quality injection moulded plastics. Product design is modern and will add glamour to your motorcycle.

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In addition, the products are provided with tamper-proof locking system. Space is important for any side box and with that in mind Carizo side box are spacious with dimension 25x15x10 cm with a weight 1.36kg.

Other important feature of these side boxes is that they are compatible with all bikes including Royal Enfield bullets.

Important note: Go for professional fitment as product fitment may vary from motorcycle to motorcycle.

HUUSO Trendy Bike Side Luggage Box Black & Silver for Honda CB 125 Shine SP

Huuso trendy Bike side box are produced by Mizzeo India. Overall, it is a stylish looking side box which are durable and reliable. Made from fibre-reinforced plastic, they are waterproofed for providing protection from all-weather conditions.

Unique looking side box has a double locking temper proof locking system, which protects your essentials from harm.

With a space dimension of 25x15x10 cm, the side box can hold all daily essentials while you are riding. Products can be installed with metal plates and screws. However, the products fitment may vary from bike to bike.

Side Box Bike Luggage Box GRIPLEX- The Bikerz

Griplex side boxes are manufactured by The Bikerz. They have a standard size of 9x9x9cam and weight 410 grams. With good design, the product is durable, stylish and compatible with all major motorcycle brands.

Made from high quality hard plastic which makes it stronger and long lasting, the design of the side box is compatible with all motorcycles. If you have a modern looking motorcycle than you can go for this side box.

Sarte Bike Storage Luggage Side Box with Lock, Heavy Duty Plastic Suitable for All Bikes (Matte Black)

Manufactured by SARTE, the side boxes are made from hard sturdy plastics. They are fitted with six lever temper proof locking system which will make you stress free. Distinctive design adds glamor to your motorcycle.

With all fitments provided, the products are compatible with all major motorcycles. You can go for professional fitment if it doesn’t fit your motorcycle.

It has volumetric capacity of 8 litres which is spacious and has a product dimension of 29x19x9 cm. The package includes 1- sidebox, 2- keys and 3- Mount bracket clips. Besides, the simple designed sidebox will be useful for daily commuters.

We have listed the 10 best motorcycle side boxes or bike dikkis in India. And, if we have missed some good products, then let us know.

Side boxes are very helpful for bikers as most of the bikes don’t have space for carrying essentials. Choosing a side box for you motorcycle can be difficult and time consuming. This small guide will help you to choose your bike dikki as it is called in India.

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