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Most popular hairstyles for men in 2015 – Infographic


This year has been quiet a popular year for men’s hairstyles. From Footballers to actors, everyone looked modern and trendy with their hair styles. From popular trends like Undercut, Man bun, Top Knot, Fade; to classics like Side Part, Pompadour, Short Back and Sides; Men’s hair style was back to limelight. Here is an infographic by

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11 places to satisfy your wanderlust in United States


We all have different tastes for travel. For some it is a monumental journey of recounting the past and ancient valor. For some it’s simply a walk through bustling streets and hogging on the “never seen before” scenes, while for some it’s facing the most challenging terrains on the planet. What could be a better place

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10 most amazing hill destinations for road trip in India


Thinking of road trip! Tired of daily routines of life, need a break to rejuvenate your selves. Thinking of going to some island, visit beaches or travel to some historical places. Why not try out the hills stations of India. Hills stations were quiet popular during the rule of the British, many officers used to travel

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Top 10 Men’s Hair Trends For 2015


A worldwide thought on men’s hairstyling is completely incorrect. Many people think that styling and cutting gent’s hair is a piece of cake, but that’s not the case as it is way complicated and technical than styling women’s hair. Limited styles and short hair can be one tough challenge for the professional hairstylists and also for

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Fashion infographic for perfect modern suit

Fashion infographic on suits

  Be it a work trip or a wedding, every one wants to look smart in a suit. wearing a suit makes people work and act differently. A man in a well-tailored suit is a sign of intelligence and integrity. suits are the most accepted item in a gentleman’s wardrobe. The path to quality starts with a

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History of Custom Motorcycles

A photo of cafe racer motorcycle

For centuries people with artistic instincts have used mediums to unleash their intuitions; the magic moment of eureka where the vision takes a physical shape. The thumping sound has always allured generations. Custom motorcycles are distinct motorcycles which are sculpted and molded from the original mass produced machines. Often motorcycles have been associated with style and

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Advantages of knowing Organizational Behavior for managers and leaders

Mardistas_flickr office image

Before going deep into organizational behavior; we have to understand what an organization is. Organizations are groups or gathering whose main purpose is to accomplish a common goal. The goals may differ from organizations to organizations. The size, locations and goals can also vary from one to another. Even if the company is big or small,

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