Style Guide to Men’s Summer Fashion

Style Guide to Men’s Summer Fashion

When it comes to men’s summer fashion there are two main rules you want to keep in mind – Fit and Function.

During the summer season the weather is most likely on the scale from scorching hot just hot, which automatically means most of the bulky clothes you own (sweaters, jackets, coats, hoodies, etc.) are an absolute no go?

You’ll also have to work hard on styling – since a major key part of men’s fashion is layering, this isn’t offered to you during the summer time, which means you have to get really creative.

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Every piece of clothing you choose as part of your summer outfit is a lot more valuable because you have minimal pieces to work with when it’s hot out.

So what are these main pieces, and how do you pick out the right ones? Those are the main questions we’re going to answer in this guide to men’s summer fashion.

Summer Shorts

Shorts are easily the most memorable and important part of a man’s summer outfit.

For years shorts on men meant long baggy cargo shorts with 10 different pockets, while this is practical it’s absolutely one of the worst fashion faux pas men make during the summer.

Summer Shorts should be slim and sleek. They should be comfortable enough to move around in easily, and made with material that’s breathable so you don’t get hot and sweaty.

The best fit for shorts are long enough to reach just slightly above the knee caps and wide enough just so you have room to move around in.

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Treading too far from these fit guidelines will put you close to the cargo “dad-shorts” territory which you absolutely do not want to be in.

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As for the kind of shorts you want to wear, it all depends on you.

Chino shorts are super popular at the moment and for good reason, they can be found in a variety of colors, fits and materials.

A pair of chino shorts in Navy or Brown is a classic look that is safe and easy to pull off. If you wonder into brighter colors like light blue and pink you’re headed towards the ‘preppy’ style, if that’s what you prefer.

Athletic shorts are also a great option if you’re an extremely active person during the summer time. I’m going to include swimming shorts that also double up as fashionable shorts in this category such as the famous Outlier New Way Shorts.

With these 2 styles of shorts and proper fit you should be ready to go on to picking out a chic Tee-Shirt.

Summer T-Shirts

You know what’s really popping this summer? Stripes! Get yourself a striped shirt – white tee with black stripes.

It gives a lot more life to an outfit than just a plain tee shirt and it’s an amazing nautical look that will have you getting compliments all day!

If you prefer to keep it safe, you can never go wrong with a plain tee in either crewneck or V-neck.

It should be said though, if you go with a V-neck, make sure you don’t go a DEEP V-neck, which looks ridiculous on pretty much everyone.

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Summer Shoes

Perhaps the most underrated part of a summer outfit is the shoes. There are so many different types of summer shoes you can pick here: Boat shoes, athletic sneakers, leather sneakers, etc.

The type should you pick will define your summer outfit.

Boat shoes will give your summer look a preppier more mature look.

Athletic sneakers such as the ultra-boost will give you a sleek athletic look that can’t be beat.

AND OUR FAVORITE – The white leather sneaker.

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An absolute versatile sneaker that can be worn with practically anything. White leather sneakers such as the Common Projects are extremely popular for a reason – they work.

Make sure for any shoe you buy you go for a low-profile silhouette – You don’t want to lug around big clunky shoes during the summer.

A pair of no-show socks will go a long way in giving you the chic sockless look many guys go for during the summer season.

Summer Pants

Some guys write off pants completely during the hot weather, but they shouldn’t

Let’s be honest, no one wants to wear shorts all-day every day, sometimes you just want to cover up and dress a little more handsomely. This is where a pair of lightweight breathable pants comes into the picture.

Go for a pair of Chino pants in either very light cotton or linen – these materials will provide you with the breathability you need to survive in the heat and the movability you need to move around comfortably.

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Now the big question here is Jeans – are they right or wrong to pear in the summer?

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Well, here’s the thing, you don’t want to break out your heavy raw denim selvedge jeans from the winter time – let those have a rest.

What you want is a pair of thin, perhaps stretchy, light colored jeans.

Jeans in light blue work wonderfully here because they still give off a summer vibe without looking awkward.

With all the pieces of your outfit now assembled, it’s time to top it all off with some accessories.

Summer Accessories

Let’s keep it short, let’s keep it simple


They are a very obvious must have during the summer – so many style, so pick one that suits you! You have the classic wayfarer style, or the top-gun ray bans. Whatever is your flavor, rock it!

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Hats or Caps:

I love a relaxed fit baseball cap for the summer. There’s nothing cooler and more function than a baseball cap during the summer – it keeps the sun out of your eyes and gives you a classic American look.


Summer watches are defined by the vibe they give off. For example, a watch with a NATO strap in white blue and red definitely gives off a summer vibe while a clunky, heavy and huge metal watch should probably be saved for a later time.

With all our tips for styling for the summer season I hope this will help you guys pick out the proper outfits for this beautiful season!

Found the guide interesting? Share it. If we missed something shoot in the comment section. Let us know your summer style.

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  1. Excellent post! Quick question about shirts – do those horizontal striped shirts work for bigger guys, too? I’ve always heard to avoid horizontal stripes, since they make you look wider.

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