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How to Choose Fabric for Men’s T-Shirts

Image: Pixabay

T-shirts are tricky. It may look like the simplest outfit humans ever created: one piece, versatile uses and very much comfortable. However, how many times have you shopped for a t-shirt only to find out that it’s not that comfortable? Maybe the material is too hot for you, or it makes you itchy because the surface

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Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for Companies


Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR has become an important aspect for companies after the Millennia until today; even though it was unheard of decades before. In the 1990s, companies always had one goal – increase the shareholder’s return of investment. Any other aspect doesn’t matter. Back then, companies wanted to get as much revenue as possible

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10 Checklists for Motorcycle Road Trips

Image: Pixabay

Doing road trip with motorbikes offers different experiences compared to road trip with cars. Motorbike road trip offers bikers a chance to feel the wind grazing by their cheeks and picks up various smells as they pass by – the salty smell of sea, the fragrant bread from bakery, even freshly blooming flowers near the suburban

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A Definite Guide to All Terrain Vehicles

Image: Pixabay

All Terrain Vehicles or ATV is a fun yet challenging vehicle.  It’s challenging because it requires more skill and control when you are operating it. However, it’s also fun, because you get to travel through the difficult terrain with so much ease. To enjoy riding vehicles, all you need to do is to truly understand what

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25 Books a Man Should Read in His Lifetime

Image : Pixabay

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. A man who never reads lives only one. That was the famous quote from the author of “Game of Thrones” series, George R.R. Martin. He isn’t wrong. By reading book, readers can see things they otherwise won’t ever see in their life, get insights they otherwise couldn’t

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Get Insane Workout from Downhill Mountain Biking

Image Source: Pixabay

To truly experience the mountains, you have to allow them to steal your heart, occupy your thoughts and soak your soul with their magic. It’s only when you get carried away by the obsession that you will see the true majestic colors of mountains. Distant peaks, dense forests, windy paths, fields, roaring rivers, glaciers, clouds, winds,

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Difference Between Cardio Training and Weight Training

Image source: Pixabay

The endless war between cardio training and weight training to win the title as the ultimate weigh loss exercise is comparable to the war between salt and sugar as the ultimate spice. It seems like it will never end. Generally, people favor cardio training when they try to lose weight. This is because cardio training burns

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10 Most Popular Shoe Brands in The World

Image: Pixabay

I’m not talking about Salvatore Feragamo, Bucheri, or Manolo Blahnik. They’re not commonly worn by people in large. I’m talking about casual shoes, the ones we usually wear at work, school, for jogging, and running. They’re durable and at the same time, earthy and maybe a bit expensive. But don’t worry. They’re expensive in reasonable way.

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