10 Must Have Gadgets for Men

10 Must Have Gadgets for Men

Every man needs a signature gadget. Even James Bond has that infamous exploding pen. There is reason for that: gadget gives a man a style, just like what a bag gives a woman.

But of course, that isn’t the only purpose of owning hi-tech things. After all, buying expensive stuff just to look cool is stupid, and stupid is not cool. Technology exists to make life simpler.

So many men have bought things they thought they need, but never realized the full potential of the things they bought. Avoid that same fate with this list of top 10 must have gadgets for men. They aren’t only cool, they’re useful.

1.Battery Case for mobile phone

The most common problem a man can encounter in this modern world is out of electronic power. Not only it is annoying, but also terrifying if it happens in the middle of the work. Power bank got popular because people need to solve this particular problem, but it lacks practicality because people would need to take one more gadget with them.

So, how about a portable charger in the form of phone case? This product is called battery case. ZAAP has one product, named ZAAP iPhone 6/6S Battery Case and it is the best selling battery case in Amazon. With this battery case, one can go through a day full of work without charging the phone. The slim design also means that it didn’t increase the thickness of the phone.

2.Motion Sensor for PC

It has been a while since touch screen was made widely available in the form of Smartphone, notebook, or even TV. But, the next trend in gadget is gesture control, where people don’t need to touch their gadget to control them. Instead, only by gesturing the movement like pinching, widening, touching, and so forth, they can command their gadget.

Leap Motion Controller for Mac or PC offers this hi-tech experience. It is a little box with USB connection than can sensor hand movement in its vicinity and translates those movements as command to the connecting device. Leap motion is also one of the most accurate motion sensors currently available for PC.

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3.Portable keyboard for Android phone

Going out of town can sometimes be problematic when one has to work. Sometimes, notebook is just not portable enough. Notebook is not pocket-able, but Smartphone is not suited for work. Solve that problem with portable keyboard for Android phone.

ZAAP Trifold-Pro Bluetooth Aluminium Keyboard for All Smart Devices (Universal Compatibility). The award winning product has ultra slim design. You can put in your pocket and use it anytime. The foldable Bluetooth keyboard has magnetic POWER ON to power the key Board. It has universal compatibility with all the operating systems and it can be used with laptops tablets and smart phones. It has 60 hours of usage time with built in rechargeable battery. It has advance Bluetooth technology, so it consumes less energy and it can be connected with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

4.Wireless speaker

Who doesn’t want to be that man who can control the crowd mood? What’s the best tool to control them if not music? Be that man using this JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic. This best selling is small enough to be inconspicuous, but the sound it makes is definitely not small. It has quite a wide range, so it can fill in a large room with music without problem. It has the signature JBL Sound with wireless Bluetooth streaming. It can be connected with virtual assistant like Siri. It has noise cancelling speakerphone with audio cable input. It can also give 5 hours of play time.

5.Magnetic phone holder

Driving nowadays often require looking at phone, either for maps or navigation. Have a full display of phone even when driving with magnetic phone holder. This little simple device enables its users to put their phone on their dashboard (or wherever, actually, as long as they’re flat enough to stick the gadget).

WizGear Extra Slim Universal Stick on Flat Dashboard is a magnetic mount holder which will not block the air vents in the car. Simply stick it on a flat surface and it can be used already. Its slim design means it won’t take too much space on the car. The magnetic is powerful, but users will still be able to rotate and swivel the phone as they wish

6.House Appliance Controller

Smart gadgets – like Smartphone, smart TV, and so forth – are good, but smart house is just as important. Many household appliances don’t have on/off button and sometimes even the cables are hard to reach. With house appliance controller, one can switch those appliances with one button clicks on the remote control, no need to even get up from seat or bed!

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Etekcity Self Learning Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switch is one of Amazon’s best selling appliance controllers. It is affordable and user friendly. Also, the term Self Learning in the product means one can control one device with multiple remotes, or control multiple devices with one remote. Now, that’s what being modern means.

7.Smart Wristband

Health is the most valuable thing a man can owns. But, sports are hard to maintain in this modern world. To keep going, one has to build a commitment. One way to help one commit better is by tracking his physical condition and activities, so he will be constantly reminded to do it.

Mi Smart Band 4. The Mi Smart Band 4 features a larger AMOLED Color full touch display. It has music control features, so you can increase or decrease the volume of your connected smart phone. It has a sturdy 5ATM waterproof built which allows you to take your wrist band for swim. It can capture 12 data points for tracking plus you can track your treadmill, swimming, walking, running, cycling and exercise activities. You need not care about the battery life as it has 20 days of lasting battery for uninterrupted performance. You can also receive text messages, reject call and get social media notifications. It has 24/7 automatic heart rate monitoring which alerts you when your heart rate is high.


The hottest photography and cinematography gadget in 2016 is definitely drone. This flying object can take photos and videos from eagle view, enriching any photos and videos one can make whatever the theme is. Despite its hi-tech and expensive look, drone can be quite affordable and user-friendly.

DJI Tello Drone with 5MP HD Camera is one of them. All one has to do is charging the battery for the propeller, put battery for the remote, and the drone is ready to fly. Capture smooth and stable aerial footage with DJI Tello Drone with 5MP HD Camera with 720 pixel HD transmission. It is embedded with Intel Processor yielding high quality footage. 5MP cameras produce high resolution pictures. It has flight time of 13 min and it can go up to 50 meters above ground level.

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9.Virtual Reality Glasses

Life is a game, and virtual reality is the next level. Beside drone, augmented reality became a hit in 2016, propelled by the exploding popularity of Pokémon! Go where the game enables the players to mix virtual world and real world. This gadget however, is one step farther than augmented reality. It gives you a complete immersion to the virtual world.

Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset 40MM Lenses It is adjustable, so it is more comfortable to wear and also reduces 30% pressure to the eyes. Experience more than 300 mobile applications in a new way with these glasses. Enjoy a fully immersive viewing experience with the 40 MM lenses. It has expanded field of view, going beyond 100 degree. It has built button for better gaming experience. It is compatible with smartphone models with 4.7″-6″ screens with gyroscope feature. It is comfortable to wear with foam face cushioning, adjustable headband and head support. It has built in IPD adjustment feature and polished HD optical lenses which are comfortable for viewing.

10.3D Printer

3D printer is the last hottest gadget. Forget printing papers, with 3D printers you can print figures. Instead of ink, 3D printer uses a filament which will be used to form the figures. Like ink, the filament comes in several different colors. Sure it can be quite pricey, but it is worth the price.

WOL3D UPGRADED Creality Ender 3 DIY 3D Printer is one of the best 3D printers available right now. It has the ability to print even after power outage. It comes with assembled part, so you will require less time to assemble. The Upgraded extruder reduces plugging risk. The V-slot with POM wheels makes it noise less and durable. So it is user friendly. It also has a large dimension, enables the user to print both small and big figures.

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The list contains tools that a man should own to make his life a little bit simple.

Let us know if we have missed some gadgets, which you think is important.

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