A Basic Guide to Men’s Gifts

A Basic Guide to Men’s Gifts

Men can be either straight forward or mysterious. When it is the former, it’s not that hard to find them something they really like such as a gift. Sometimes, they directly tell you to buy them that item.

But, with the latter type, it can be rather vague since you’re not sure whether your gift will be really useful for them or will it be stored in the deepest space in their closet and never see the daylight ever again.

Worry no more, because in this men’s gift guide, you will find out ideas about what gift every man will appreciate. Whether it is for your friend, boyfriend, husband, or even father or grandfather, this men’s gift guide will show you the most relevant gift for the men in your life.

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These gifts are useful enough that they will not be saved in the back of the cupboard forever, but if you want to give a unique gift that is different than what other people will probably give him, we provide you the alternative as well.

Men’s Gift Guide #1: Electric Shaver

Every man, starting from high school, needs to shave. Whether he wants to keep his chin smooth or with stubble, they will need shaver. Even if they already have one, don’t worry to buy more for them because they will need this tool sooner or later after their shaver breaks.

There are wide ranges of electric shaver out there. Choose the one that is high quality so it will last a long time. Because maybe you are not familiar with the feature of the shaver, you will want to hit the internet for a moment to check their reviews.

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The unique counterpart: Traditional shaving blade.

If you’re afraid he’ll receive too many electric shavers, then you may want to switch the electronic shaver into the traditional one. There are two kinds of traditional blades: the straight blade and the safety blade. A set usually will include shaving cream, shaving brush and the small pot to mix the shaving cream.

Men’s Gift Guide #2: Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great addition in a man’s fashion, whether he is a rider, a traveler, or a fashionista. They will surely appreciate the gift because it’s a useful item for them. Another plus point is, you don’t have to worry if your gift won’t fit him.

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Choose the perfect pair of sunglasses by considering your man’s face shape, preference, and lifestyle. Does he need total black sunglasses or maybe another shade looks better on him? Does he like metal or another material for the frame? What color should the frame in?

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The unique counterpart: Smart glasses

If you have enough money and your man likes to stay updated with technology, then this gift is perfect. Let your man receive call in handsfree, get alerted when he receive messages, emails, or other social media, listen to music and even track his activity with a pair of glasses. How cool is that?

Smart glasses don’t always have to look too futuristic or too eye-catching. A lot of them are available in normal, discreet, even stylish style as well.

Men’s Gift Guide #3: Wallet

Wallet is men’s high fashion item. Choose a leather wallet in dark color for both durability and style. It doesn’t have to be black or brown. In fact, other color like dark blue or dark teal will makes him look real classy and stylish but still different.

Beside the style, take the functionality into account as well. Choose a wallet with a lot of card slot and make sure it has zipped slot as well.

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The unique counterpart: Anti-identity-theft wallet

If your man is rich or influential, this is a great gift for him.
His credit and ID cards use RFID micro-chip and identity thieves use RFID reader to scan all the information from these cards from up to 10ft away. Anti-identity-theft wallet has blocking material that RFID reader can’t get through.

Men’s Gift Guide #4: Desk Set

If your man is a hardworking office man, you can contribute to make him feel better at work with a classy desk set. A desk set will vary in contents, but they range from pen, notes, calendar, agenda and even paperweight.

What makes them different are the design, so choose the one that goes best with your man. For example, choose the design that emphasizes his favorite color.

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The unique counterpart: Tool set

Now, if your man is not an office man (or if he is an office man with wild imagination), you can give him a tool set instead. Basically, a tool set usually contains screwdriver, wrench, sockets, knives and basically other tools to assembly or pull apart things.
With a complete, high quality tool set, your man can do his tinkering hobby as much as he wants. This is simply like a dream toy kit for them.

Men’s Gift Guide #5: Liquor

Every man (who drinks) appreciates good, hard liquor. Don’t worry about what kind of liquor to give. From vodka, tequila, whisky, scotch, bourbon, there should be nothing wrong with bringing liquor as a gift. Choose liquor that has quite aged as a gift.

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If you want to be more elegant, choose wine instead of hard liquor. The same rule applies when you’re giving wine: the type doesn’t matter but the age does.

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The unique counterpart: Liquor glasses

If you’re afraid everybody else will bring liquor, then you can bring liquor glasses instead. Every type of liquor has different glasses that are specifically designed to bring out their taste and aroma. Of course, you don’t need to buy all type of glasses. Just choose one type that fits your man’s taste in liquor.

Usually, people already have wine glasses stocked in their pantry. The less common types of glasses are martini glasses, coupe, highball and lowball.

Men’s Gift Guide #6: Camera

If your man ever showed interest in photography before, why don’t you pick a camera for his gift?
If he is a beginner in photography, budget DSLR is the best “entry-level” camera for him. It can offer great photo quality and can be compatible with various types of lenses, without breaking your pocket as the giver.

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The unique counterpart: Drone

If your man is already a photographer, then you will need to adjust the level of your gift. While lenses are the obvious choice for photographers, you can give the best impression by giving him drone instead. Your man will be able to experiment with taking aerial-shot photography.

Drone is available in various brands, features and price range. Get recommendation from internet or expert friends, and always check if there is any regulation about drone in your area before buying one.

Men’s Gift Guide #7: Watch

Watch is a timeless gift with a reason: it is a versatile fashion item for men and useful as well.

When choosing a watch for men, make sure to buy from a trusted brand. Choose a design that goes well with his personality and status.

If he is a modern businessman, a sleek, simple, monochromic watch will emphasize his personality. Meanwhile, for your elderly father, a big, classic watch with leather wristband will emphasize his warmth and wisdom.

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The unique counterpart: Smart watch

If you have quite a flexible budget for this man, you can buy smart watch instead. Now, he can take calls, read messages, give commands to various electronic devices, listen to music, and do various other things using only his watch.

If your man is quite a technology geek, this gift will definitely delight him.

Men’s Gift Guide #8: Shoes

Shoes are another popular gift for men. It is definitely useful and stylish as well. All you need to do to get him the perfect pair is to know his size. If the man is close to you, then it’s easy to get his size.

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If you don’t live in the same house and you can’t easily steal his shoes to check the size, then you can ask his friend to check for you.

Choose the shoes according to his lifestyle. If he likes sport, then he will definitely appreciate sport shoes. If he is a workaholic, then formal shoes for his office attire will be more useful.

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The unique counterpart: Shoe cleaning set

Now, if you want to give a different gift to your man, you can give him a shoe cleaning set instead. If he is meticulous and neat type, this gift is perfect for him. A shoe cleaning set usually contains at least a dirt brush, an applicator brush, polishing cloth and creams right. Although premium set usually cost pretty high, it is still cheaper than buying separate products together.

Men’s Gift Guide #9: Speaker

Is he a music man? Does he like partying? Does he like dancing or singing out loud? If he is a fun guy like that, then a speaker will be the greatest gift for him. There are various speakers out there to choose, with different brand, different features and different prices available.

Choosing wireless speaker, such as Bluetooth speaker, will be more technologically savvy rather than choosing the wired one. He will be able to have his party outdoor too using his smartphone and your speaker. Your man will invite you to dance on the spot when you give him this.

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The unique counterpart: Smartphone projector

Is he more cinematographic-lover than audio-lover? Then you should choose this gift instead: smartphone projector. Using this simple tool, he can have the videos stored on his phone displayed on the wall, where he can enjoy it with his closest people together.

Men’s Gift Guide #10: Cookbook

Cookbook is a suitable gift for men, whether he is an expert or a total newbie. Choose the appropriate cookbook according to his level in cooking. Don’t mix a cookbook for expert with those for beginners.

Choose cookbook with good reviews on the internet. Good visual images of the food usually will help him to be more motivated in cooking as well.

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The unique counterpart: Binded voucher to various restaurants

If you think he is too lazy to even open the book but you still want him to eat healthily, then you can make your own gift. Buy a lot of voucher to various restaurants (no junk food chain) and bind them into a small book. He will definitely use your gift and be reminded of you every time he uses the voucher.

This is it, a small guide to men’s gift. We hope you like it.
Let us know if we have missed something or you want to add new ideas. You can leave your views in comment section or directly mail to us.

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