Different Kinds of Suits – Which Suit Are You Wearing?

Different Kinds of Suits – Which Suit Are You Wearing?

We commonly hear that women dresses are categorized in such complicated names that their counterparts often find it difficult to decipher the difference in the types of attires. Well, dear men! Your suits are no exception.

Bespoke, made-to-measure, ready-to-wear – If you have ever gone menswear shopping, you would have encountered these terms a lot. But what do they actually mean? What is the difference between these suits types? And most importantly, do the differences even matter enough for you to care?

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Well as much as you have conveniently always escaped these terms till now, you should know about what they mean because they can affect your purchase to a huge extent.

To begin with, these three are the types of stitching for your suits. And they make a difference because the cost of production and purchase varies and so does the fitting and the uniqueness of your suit. So for all the ladies out their (who have men in their lives) and also the men who accept the task of shopping for themselves, allow me to make you comprehend the differences better by telling you the pros and cons of each type of suit build.

Ready to Wear/ Off the Rack

This is the build that most of you tend to purchase and wear. Ready-to-wear implies the suits which are available in the stores, hanging for you on the shelves to choose from. All you have to do is simply visit the store and pick the one you like from the options available.

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You get exactly what you see: It is available out there. You can go see it, touch it and try it! You would know exactly what you are purchasing.

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There is no waiting period: The suit has already been stitched. You just have to visit the store and purchase it just like shoes and once that is done you can wear it immediately.


It cannot fit to the “T”: These suits are built as mass production for the public. Thus, it can never be in exactly customized fitting even after you get the required alterations done.

The fabric is mostly common one: If you want a suit that is stitched with unique fabrics like Donegal tweed, Solaro or Fresco then you will find it really difficult to get it in ready-to-wear suits.

It is stitched from a standard pattern, keeping a standard body built in mind: Since it is made for mass market, it is built keeping in mind the standard measures. Trust me! No human being has an entirely symmetrical body. Thus, you will require getting it altered for sure and mostly even after alteration, there remain some issues.

Made To Measure

It is a better and more recommended version of ready-to-wear. Here, the tailor will have a standard pattern and he will adapt it according to your measurements to build your suit.


Not as expensive as bespoke: Bespoke requires much more customization than a made-to-measure garment. Thus, it is a preferred choice when you are on a budget.

A better fit: You have the option to choose a suit and get it made for you with an improved fit.

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Quality could vary: The only issue with made-to-measure suits is that they can vary in quality if the standard pattern considered by the seller is not proper. A suit might look perfect in fitting which you are standing but as soon as you start walking, it can get a bit uncomfortable at times, and this is because of the pattern might not be designed well.


Bespoke simply defines the process of customization to carter to the individual needs. You can get the product exactly the way you want from the scratch. Thus, the suit will be made exclusively for you!


Splendid fit: Since bespoke garments are made from the scratch, they fit perfectly to the person for whom they are stitched.

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Unlimited Options: You have the choice to select everything yourself, right from the fabric and pattern to the fit and size.


Price: Bespoke suits are the most expensive among the three types.

More time consuming: It takes time to build these suits. As you would be required to go for fitting trials, getting the suit ready will take time.

Whichever suit you choose to invest in, just keep it in mind that no single built is best. It will depend on your individual needs and budget constraints that which type of stitching can serve you!

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