Guidelines for Choosing the Bridegroom’s Tuxedo or Suit

Guidelines for Choosing the Bridegroom’s Tuxedo or Suit

You may not be a clothes person yet choosing your wedding tux or suit could be quite exciting and a fun experience. Who would not like to look good especially, on the most important day of his life? You must be looking forward to your wedding celebration. So it is high time to know all the fundamental formal wear rules so that you are able to choose the right tux or suit for your wedding ceremony. After all, you must look stunning and handsome and you must necessarily outshine the rest of the guys.

Tuxedo or Suit

Guideline #1: Avoid Overshadowing the Bride

You must look your best and dress well as per the dictates of the occasion. However, you need to do adequate planning with your partner well in advance about what type of wedding you would be having. Will it be a really formal affair with a ballroom venue? Or is it going to be a completely casual dinner with your near and dear ones in a marquee? You must understand that your wedding attire would be dictated by the venue and its surroundings.

Moreover, you need to talk to your partner and find out the specific style she would be opting for. In the case, the bride comes wearing a short dress that is quite casual, the groom should complement the bride’s look by wearing something slightly casual like the most popular khaki suits. You must drop the idea of wearing a formal black tux as that would be drawing away all the attention from the bride to you. Your intention is to complement your loved one and not overshadow her.

Guideline #2: Dress Differently than the Groomsmen

You may consider dressing down a bit to allow the limelight to be on your bride but that does not mean you would come dressed like any other groomsmen. You should look dashing in the suit you choose. It is better to wear a different suit and avoid wearing the same type of tux or suit like the groomsmen. In the event, you need to follow the tradition; you may create a unique look by choosing the choicest accessories to complete your look.

Wear a stunning wedding band, a timeless watch, exclusive shoes, and a different colored bow tie as compared to the groomsmen. You need to look gorgeous and must stand out from all other guys present at the wedding. Your suit must have an edge over the others. The groomsmen must dress color coordinated and they must match one another and complement your style. Your unique suit must steal the show and one look at you should be enough for everyone to know you are the bridegroom.

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Guideline #3: Know Your Formalwear Well

The kind of the wedding and the timings must be kept in mind while determining what tux or suit to wear for the wedding. A gorgeous black tux should be saved for a night-time party but would be looking quite out of place at any garden party organized during the afternoon.

Guideline #4 Wear the Right Accessories

Suspenders and pocket squares are an effective way of infusing elements of elegance, individuality, and uniqueness into your wedding formal wear. However, do not go overboard even with your accessories. Ideally, it is best to avoid the typical wristwatches, chains, and bracelets. You may step out in style in an exclusive suit and a timeless dress watch or a pocket watch as they look classy and give you a distinguished look.

While talking about accessories, we need to discuss the wedding bands for men. Choose the right wedding band to complement your tux or suit, overall appearance, and also, the wedding theme or color palette. While choosing the wedding band, you must consider your personal style. You must choose a wedding band that not only suits your budget but also is compatible with your personality and lifestyle.

Your wedding band symbolizes your deep affection, undying love, and total commitment to your life partner so choose a unique style in a comfortable fit so that you could wear it for the rest of your life. Today, you could choose from an impressive collection of wedding bands in precious metals like gold, platinum or rose gold etc. and also, alternative metals such as titanium, tungsten, palladium etc. Visit for an amazing collection of wedding bands for men.

Guideline #5: Buy It Provided You Could Afford It

If there are budgetary constraints, you could consider reusing a nice and formal suit that is already in your wardrobe. However, if your partner is going for a customized bridal dress, ideally you must wear something good. You may get your formal black or gray suit custom tailored for the perfect fit. If you have a fascination for a tuxedo, renting it could be the best solution as you would not wear it again. It is sensible not to waste money in buying a tuxedo. However, you may invest in a nice suit as you would be wearing it many more times.

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Guideline #6: Think & Opt for the ‘Timeless’

If you choose to wear something trendy over timeless, you would be cringing at your own wedding snaps in a few years down the line. So it is best to opt for a suit or tux that has a timeless appeal. On your wedding day, it pays to opt for the classic look.

Guideline # 7: Keep the Suit Color Classy

If you are a vibrant and a flashy man who loves a splash of colors in his way of life, you may feel like buying a suit in red or green or some shocking tones but experts recommend avoiding such an urge. You may attract more attention than your bride which is not desirable. Moreover, you would be labeled as trendy. The most preferred wedding suit is a well-fitted black formal suit for the distinguished man. You could buy black, or white or midnight blue or grey for the classic charm.

Guideline # 8: Guide to a successful destination wedding

Imagine reciting vows along the Mediterranean coast or amid pastel-hued homes and swaying palm trees. For the travel-inclined, destination weddings present the perfect opportunity to meld wedding and honeymoon all into one — with family and friends around to enjoy the magic. While planning a wedding inevitably involves some obstacles and even some stress, planning a destination wedding presents a unique set of obstacles. Before couples commit to a destination wedding, it’s important to first consider a few factors to ensure knots get tied without a hitch.

Couples are increasingly leaning on entertainment and personalization to create memorable experiences for their guests, and destination weddings are great ways to create those unique experiences.

Pick a meaningful location (but one that works for guests, too). Exchanging vows at a favorite hiking spot can give guests an inside view into what makes you tick as a couple, but the location of the ceremony should not come at the expense of practicality. Choose a locale that speaks to you but will also offer the convenience and amenities that work for the guests who will be traveling.

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See the place in person. If budget allows, book a trip to the intended destination to see the facilities and location, advice the experts at Brides magazine. Working with vendors in person also can simplify sorting out certain details.
Send save-the-date cards promptly. Unlike traditional weddings in which reminders can be sent roughly six months before the wedding, Save-the-date cards for destination weddings should be mailed at least nine months to a year in advance of the big day.

Hire a professional. Professional wedding planners may prove invaluable when it comes to destination weddings. Rather than organizing everything on your own, you can hire a wedding planner to take care of itineraries, obtain information about necessary travel documents, coordinate with local vendors, and much more.

Consider tourist seasons. Weather tends to be best during tourist seasons. Therefore, make sure to reserve hotel room blocks and venues promptly. Slightly before or after peak season may still be fine, but ensure that vendors will be available and look into weather trends carefully before choosing a date.

Research the legality. According to The Knot, many countries have residency requirements, which mean you must live in that country for a certain period of time before the ceremony. Factor this into budget and availability.

Scale back on DIY. Handling many of the details while getting married close to home can be challenging, but doing so for a destination wedding can be difficult to organize. Scale back on DIY, leaving many of the details to the professionals. Destination weddings require extra planning, but they can be memorable ways for couples to start their new life together.

If you follow the expert guidelines discussed above, you would find a great tuxedo or suit for the most special event in your life. However, remember to find an expert tailor. It is advisable to spend more on the tailor than investing in an exotic wedding suit.

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  1. I appreciate the advice on keeping the color of a tuxedo classy. My fiance and I are getting married and I need to find a tuxedo to wear. These tips you shared will help me find the right one to wear.

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