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Style Guide to Men’s Summer Fashion


When it comes to men’s summer fashion there are two main rules you want to keep in mind – Fit and Function. During the summer season the weather is most likely on the scale from scorching hot just hot, which automatically means most of the bulky clothes you own (sweaters, jackets, coats, hoodies, etc.) are […]

How to Identify Genuine Leather


From wallet to purse to belt to shoes, leather is a widely used material for both men and women’s fashion. Not only that, leather is also used for sofa and car seats. The popularity of leather as a material of choice for various goods is easily explainable. Leather is durable, easy to maintain and when […]

How to Choose Fabric for Men’s T-Shirts


T-shirts are tricky. It may look like the simplest outfit humans ever created: one piece, versatile uses and very much comfortable. However, how many times have you shopped for a t-shirt only to find out that it’s not that comfortable? Maybe the material is too hot for you, or it makes you itchy because the […]